SNAXO 2-4 to TWO 250s

Yes. Thank you. Supercap is my plan but cant find one here. Thinking of getting one from uk but then need to convert to 110v. I also have a dedicated isolated ground circuit from ny fuse box running everything.

I’ve fiddled with the pots in bith crossovers quite a but but thats a whole different topic.

I also have a CDX for which I’m looking for an XPS.

Just seen your pics. What’s the open box to the left of the SNAXO? NAXO2-4?

Also XPS on the CDX is a “nice”.

Thats an older NAXO 2-4. I’ve been comparing the two with my setup and experimenting with the pots. Thats why they are open. I put the feet back so I can move pots while playing.

PS: The Shahinian Obelisks are connected to the SNAXO or NAXO in parallel with the SBLs. The passive crossovers in the Obelisks have been removed.

Thought so, but haven’t had the lid of my NAXO for several years - it’s now in a cupboard somewhere around the house. Didn’t get a lot of use…it, plus HC, was an Xmas present; four months later a SNAXO2-4 with Burndy turned up on the auction site for a ridiculously low price, and was duly snapped up.

Funny. I’m a creature of habit and bought my first Naim rig in 1983. A 160 and a 42 I think it was or something like that.

The NAP250 cable has a white band. The NAP135s bands are red for ch2 and Green for ch1.


Richard your here. Hope all is well. Did you read above about my speaker connections? Curious to hear your thoughts. My XLR to DIN4 do have white band. No my name is not Frankenstein.

Also - do you remember these?


The active leads are just DIN4-DIN4 leads using the same cable as used for the DIN-XLRs. The usual SNAICs were a bit too capacitive and could push a SNAXo into instability, hence the offering of active leads for those using the smaller NAim power amps.

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My 1985 NAP250 lead has no bands at all… :astonished:

Richard, are these the bands you mean?

Now I’ve got Richard and Ian here. I know how to start a party.

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Check out buttons on jacket above. I still wear this.

Did you get it from Cymbosis?

If the serial ends in 760, then yes.


Where is serial number on jacket? Its 20+ years old and i think I bought it from the naim website when it sold merch cds and more during olive era. They even shipped to US ftom uk.


Nobody talking about those jackets!? Amazing, buttons are great :smiley:

No New Classic jackets on the way?

Yes, indeed. We raffled on the forum the last one we had at the factory. I remember Anna (Naim label Manager) was game enough to model it for everybody. I can’t recall who on here won it.

There was a photo on the old forum. Did anybody save it? Perhaps @Adam.Meredith ?

@GeoffC posted this pic in ‘21 in a thread entitled “Naim mugs and other promotional items”

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Arrived yesterday…ending in 760. Found a s/h burndy, missed yours and your s-cap. New sealed box s-cap arrives hopefully Friday and separately another sealed box with a OC250DR - both at bargain prices. Some way to go, a rca to four pin in lieu of snaic required for connection from av processor as well as a stand. Likely a fraim, all for an upgrade to my ageing Linn AV system, which Linn no longer service. 606s will enjoy Naim amplification me thinks.
Hope you are enjoying your new system, DG?

Glad you got my old one. Hope that you get all the kit that you are looking for.

Thoroughly enjoying the new set up. It is a big departure from where we were previously. However, as mentioned it now suits our requirements and to be honest, the sound is excellent.


My goodness, I’d certainly buy one of those jackets, if Naim ever decided to have a new batch made. (I had never seen them before this post under reply.)