SNAXO 2-4 to TWO 250s

Richard or Anyone:

What is a “Naim DIN4-DIN4 “Active” lead” and how do you connect 2 250s to SNAXO 2-4 with them? Now I have XLR to to DIN4 into SNAXO from each 250. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Active lead is a 4-4 pin Din made of the same kind of cable as Nap 250 cables.
Used with the non regulated amps ,otherwise the Snaxo can be unstable and it also provides better sound than the ordinary Snaic 4-4.
Not to be used with Nap 250,just use the the ordinary 4 pin to XLR.


I’m assuming that you have one of your two hi-caps listed in your profiles, for powering the snaxo.
If you haven’t got a copy of the wiring connections, see the one below for 82 to H-Cap to Snaxo 2-4.
The active lead, as Igel has mentioned, is the active version 4 to 4, then the 5 pin lead connects to Snaxo.
Important to note, since you are not using Supercap, which is the best partner for Snaxo and is itself sensitive in this role. Then it is necessary to ensure the link plug is inserted in the back of the Snaxo - without it, nothing works. It is important that it is a Snaxo link plug.
Hope that helps.
Apologies first diagram was incorrect, appropriate one is now below.

Note the diagram assumes you re using two hi-caps, which is the minimum requirement.
One or two Supercaps can be used, similar wiring, there is another diagram in the old Naim connection guide, from which this pic was taken.


There’s nowt special about the interconnects from (S)NAXO2-4 DIN4 to 250 cables. Naim do their own, Witch Hat used to do similar. The so-called “active” lead is not applicable to (S)NAXO2-4 to 250 - indeed I recall clarifying this very point with Richard D, a couple of years ago

One thing to note is that the Olive SNAXO2-4 and the “black” SNAXO242 have their outputs wired differently. Do you have olive or black? I assume your SNAXO is olive; in which case each 250 drives one SBL, Hi on one channel, Lo on the other (see the user manual for which is which).

Did you get a couple of “bog standard” DIN-XLR cables with your 250s? If so, they they will be fine.

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Thsnk you - yes no supercap with link plug on snaxo. I still dont understand. Where do DIN4 active leads connect and how is xlr from 250s connected. Im in the colonies in new york and have been hunting for an olive supercap for years.

@Srf is this the first time you are connecting SBLs active?
If so, make sure you only connect bass and not connect treble until you have tested bass and you are 150% certain you have everything the right way round. Failure to do so may have unfortunate consequences.


Just use the ordinary Nap 250 cables.
The active leads are for Nap 90,100,110,120,150,155,160 and 180.


Din 4 goes from Hi Cap for NAC 82 to Hi Cap for Snaxo - see diagram, then the second Hi-Cap is connected to Snaxo.
In the diagram, a 3-6 is actually shown, your snaxo 2-4 will have four socket outlets to the right side (looking at the rear). Two sockets are LF and two HF. One of each goes to each 250 via 4 pin din to cannon (xlr). You need to make sure you have the correct version of these for NAP250s.
edit - I meant the NAP250 i/cs - there are others iirc.
@Richard.Dane may be able to recall the identifying markers, worth asking.
There are two choices and wiser folk than I, will comment as to whether one 250 does both LF and the other 250 does both HF. There is another alternatives, best avoided.

Agreed - I’m just wondering how you ensure they are the correct (and not say 135 versions)?
I guess check everything passive first. The op hasn’t really commented about how this has developed.

If the leads came with a 250, I think we might assume they are right… :thinking:

In any case, the 135 leads will be far less common. Believe they are colour coded…?

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I understand that the 135 cables are colour coded, which the bog standard ones are not.

Slight thread drift, but pleased active is still being pursued.
I recently acquired s/h 606s for an av system, have sourced Snaxo for 606s, which I rather think, used to belong to @DiggyGun. Missed out on it’s supercap; yesterday sourced a sealed box one at knockdown price - in part I think because supply of 252s has all but dried up as sealed box.
That is the second ps purchase within seven days - NPX was available as ex dem from my excellent usual dealer in Bedfordshire!


Thank you all very much. I have all connected as per the disgram. I did have the DIN4 connecting the hicaps in the second from left spot but now miced tgem to the third as per the diagram - i dont think thud this matters. Do you all agree my next step would be supercap?

PS: XLR to DIN4 connectors are original that came with each 250.

@Srf, I assume from your profile that you now have one HC on the 82 and one HC on the SNAXO?

You both have better memories than mine. It is ten years since SBLs and a 2-4 snaxo were moved on.
Replaced by S600s with BMR.
I was of course, trying to think of everything that would need to be in place, for the OP going active first time. Easy to switch on and have no sound…then be totally stumped.
Best not to recollect, been there, done that, collected the cert!

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Suzywong - yes thats how I have it connected. That correct - right? Here is how we do it over here. I’ve been comparing SNAXO vs. NAXO - top shelf.


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Sort of, but if that is your aim, the kit is going to perform best on Fraim or something very similar.
If that’s not possible, then hi-cap may suffice. I honestly am not sure, but is may be that an OC Supercap or even a SupercapDR will work with Olive Snaxo 2-4, but best to ask.
You may wish to have all olive boxes.

Other points to bear in mind, if your SBLs have not been moved, then the seals may well be intact.
Otherwise you may find they need to be reseated. Search on forum will bring up lots of info.
Your profile doesn’t mention speaker cable - are you using well terminated NACA5.
The overriding issue or point to concentrate on, is that it becomes more crucial to ensure everything is set to perform at its best. That includes black / olive boxes, are within their service cycle. If no, service will need to be considered.

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Yes I prefer olive. Stuff is on a custom butcher block and mahogany stand I built myself. See pic above. Very heavy, stable and level. I prefer this over fraim. Ill update my profile now - yes all naca5 wire.

Can someone please tell me how to update my profile? I dont ser it. Thanks.

Nice to have the enjoyment of something you created.
Just be aware, when you get to Supercap, in active role it is sensitive, needs to be well away from transformers et al. Mine is on top level of a Fraim shelf, with an empty shelf below.


Next steps could be:

  1. Supercap on the SNAXO. That would need a Burndy cable to go into the Burndy link plug on the back of the SNAXO. This is well worth doing, indeed, ‘tis what I have.

  2. A second HC on the 82. That will give you four secondary supplies to the preamp. It is generally accepted in the Naim world that “the more secondaries on the preamp, the better SQ”.

2a Optionally, instead of 2 x HC on the 82, you could get a Supercap (with an additional SNAIC5). This will again give four secondaries to the 82 (4 secondaries is the maximum for an 82). The question then is whether the SC gives a better SQ than 2 x HC. There are differing opinions - FWIW, I run a SC on my 82.

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