Snaxo 2-4

Is it me, or is it virtuality impossible to aquire an olive snaxo 2-4 these days?

Many thanks


I just spotted that you asked about olive snaxo. Any reason specifically for an olive one?
While I am still active, sold my olive snaxo a while ago. Bear in mind, while a number of us enjoy active set ups, it wasn’t sold in any great quantities iirc.
In the meantime, you might research a dealer in the east mids, who may have stock of the recently discontinued model, assuming you are in the uk, which you don’t mention in profile or post.
Two alternatives, one is that well known auction site, the other is to talk with Tom Tom in St Albans.


I googled SNAXO 2-4 for sale. There are some out there unless it’s an old posting that’s not been updated.

Best of luck with your search. I have one, it does lift the sound (I’m using SBLs with 135s) but it is incredibly sensitive to position and to other forms of interference. It took a while to settle it in but I’d not go back voluntarily.

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Nothing is impossible. But you are looking for an older unit, and a specific version, which may not have been made so often…

YMMV… Good Luck.

Don’t dismiss a SNAXO 242 - overall it offered a revised layout and improved performance over the earlier SNAXO 2-4, albeit now with a different amp orientation where each stereo amp would power left and right channels for either HF or LF. The advantage of this was that perfect matching of the two power amps was no longer essential, and indeed you could even run something like a NAP110 with a NAP250 as an example.


I also have found the SNAXO to be very sensitive, and also my active system acts like a bit of an antenna picking up all sorts of background crackles etc on a random basis. It sounds lovely though, so putting that into perspective.

Exactly so. That’s well described, in my experience. Wi-Fi interference has been a big issue for me in the past but not currently. I’m not sure why. Nothing I’ve done.

@Smithfire67 I was reflecting on @Richard.Dane ‘s advice too. I’d heard that the 2-4-2 dealt better with interference (but cannot comment if that’s true or not). The ability to use the amps differently with a 2-4-2 struck me as an advantage (mixing amps or using 2x250s) but I was already on the 135 path, 2 more came up at a good price, I was already olive and so getting a 2-4 seemed a natural step.

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Regarding 2-4 vs 242; In my old school system I have compared 3-6 with 362 using Olive SC. Both were newly serviced by Naim.
Snaxo 362 did (surprisingly?) deliver better SQ to my system, in my home, with my ears…

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