Snaxo with mono blocks

When connecting a snaxo 362 to mono blocks which have rca inputs, do I need to use two separate cables from the snaxo for each mono block, or can I just use a stereo Din to rca cable from one snaxo din socket to the mono blocks? Does it make any difference which method I use?

Thank you.

My understanding of SNAXO’s wiring is that a 363 can drive three 250’s - or six 135’s.

I cannot see a reason why you should not use a ‘Spliter’ Cable, as you describe. Assuming I have understood what you mean… (and I am now unsure…)

But @Richard.Dane would advise you far better…

Yes, you can use three stereo or six monoblok amps. The SNAXo 362 accommodates either.

No need for a splitter. Just three sets of DIN4-2x RCA phono cables. Only issue would be the tails to the RCA phonos. They may need to be quite long to reach each socket. Also the SNAXO can be fussy about the cable it drives - otherwise you can get instability with all kinds of issues including RF and poor performance. This is why SNAICs are not recommended here rather Naim’s active leads which are similar to the DIN-XLR cables.

Thank you very much for your responses.

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