So I've had my ND5XS2 for just under a week

I’m using the ND5XS2 with a Nait XS2 and a pair of PMC twenty5.22 speakers. It was bought to replace a CD5si and a Sonos Connect. Up until today I’ve been using it to play CDs ripped to my nas and Tidal HiFi quality streams. I’ve thought it was as good as if not slightly better than the CD5si for playing ripped CDs and a big step up from the Sonos for streaming Tidal.
Well today I signed up for a Qobuz trial. Holy cow, feed this thing with hi res FLAC and it really starts to sing and knocks the CD5si out of the park. Listening to Isotype from OMD’s Punishment of Luxury album in hi res my jaw was hitting the floor. Metropolis by Kraftwerk was just as good. Just awesome.
Anybody thinking of upgrading a CD5si with the ND5XS2, if funds permit just do it, you won’t regret it, especially if you feed it hi res FLAC


Congratulations, a wonderful system!

…at one point I ran a ND5 XS with a XS 2 into a pair of ProAC D2’s and loved it!

I recently went with Qobuz at the end of February after a trial and cancelled my Tidal subscription at the same time. Definitely an improvement on my system in my room with my ears.


The more I listen to Qobuz the more I think Tidal is getting binned. Lots of hi res and a fiver a month cheaper, what’s not to like?


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