So many K type phono cards!

Over the years I’ve accumulated a couple of 72’s and a 62. These came with K phono cards. Which modern day cartridges would the K card suit ?

I did get an S and an N pair, but wondering what to do with the K’s ?

Ks were originally for the Linn Karma (hence K) and then Troika. They can work all with a number of other low output MC carts as well and have a wider bandwidth and gentler HF roll-off compared to the S.


323 K’s (and 523 K’s) can be converted to S or E, by Naim or their service agents.

E’s seem to suit high output MC carts quite nicely… :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep the K boards, they are the ones with the best sound if you have a cartridge that suits them,for an example Audio Technica AT33PTG II and why not a Linn Krystal or a rebuilt Troika.


Certainly sound good with a Krystal or rebuilt Troika and vintage Linn/Naim speakers.


I used K boards (both the boards and a Stageline K) for many years with a Linn Asaka and a Lyra Argo and Argo i cartridge. Worked fine for me with both.

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