Solar Eclipse

Any of our club in Central/North America catch the eclipse then?

Si señor. Here in South Florida, the sun was about 40% eclipsed at 3 p.m.

Totality in Dallas.


Montreal. Best I could do with an old iPhone. The ring was much finer


Wasn’t total eclipse but probably 99%. The guy commentating on the radio that was further east said it was so dark he could see Uranus!

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Just north of Toronto Ontario here, we were supposed to be 99%+ totality, but the clouds decided to roll in for most of it, was able to get a look with ~40% eclipsed.

Yes, here in west Toronto I saw the sun at full eclipse. Well, there was just a tiny little slice of light at the top right edge. This was at 3:19, 3:20, and it got really quite dark with an earie shadow on things. I mean the light was an earie colour.
Being 68yo, an’ all, I was too daft to take any pictures.
I looked direcly at the eclipse thru a small gap between my fingers. I have to use a white cane when I walk now, but it was worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:

But seriously, it was fine just viewing thru the finger gap.

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~90% here in Chicago, but what I found really interesting was the view from International Space Station.
They happened to be in just the right spot at the right time (traveling at over 17k mph)


There is a you tube (other video sources are available :slight_smile: ) from a space X satellite that is further up so you really get the impression of size against planet earth. Very humbling.

Screen shot from BBC site, taken in NYC by (shamefully) uncredited photographer.

We’re on holiday in Colorado and had about 75% eclipsed. Made Mrs Ebor & me keen to see totality so we’ve been planning some future holidays using NASA’s excellent maps of future eclipses.



Here in Seattle we had once again a complete eclipse sun as the cloud coverage was thick and no sun was visible.

Who needs a moon?


Here in North Carolina, had about 75% totality. Nice clear skies so I tracked it for some time. Was neat to watch. My parents live in Pennsylvania, but did not see it due to cloud cover.

99.3% here in the Toronto area.


In Florida on holiday so spent afternoon watching the eclipse.
Part of the time was spent trying to get a decent picture with my iPhone. We were also very lucky in getting solar glasses on Sunday. I used one of the pairs as a filter over the iPhone zoom lens. It was not easy to get a reasonable shot :bangbang:. I think it was about 70% covered at maximum. :sunglasses: