Solar panels and audio inmpact

I posted a few months ago on this (post now closed).
Well, bit the bullet and had solar panels and batteries installed. As others reported, no detrimental effect and possibly even quieter, smoother in the evenings running on house batteries only.
Was originally a bit concerned, but works well for me.

Maybe of interest to others thinking of going this way.


It’s really down to the inverter. You might want to share what inverter was used for the benefit of others.

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You can always flag the last post on a closed thread (probably any post actually) and ask a moderator to reopen it. I’ve done that on one occasion so can attest that it works :slight_smile:

Good to know there were no detrimental effects, it’s something we’re considering doing soon. Agree with feeling_zen that knowing your inverter choice would be great

Yes things have improved massively now since the days of old technology single inverters… many high efficiency panels now use micro inverters and so I understand that has contributed to along with more efficient inverters generally EMC issues improving over early generation solar panel setups. (Some of those were shocking (!) with the RF noise pollution they produced)

If you have a TT earthing system … as opposed to TNC … then when under battery power you will be completely off grid… with TNC you will still be on grid from an earthing/neutral point of view and potentially a source still of some electrical noise.

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It all depends on what the OP has of course. Most home PV systems have a battery.
So your power supply can be via grid, your PV array or inverted from the battery. The micro inverters that are usually attached to each panel will be some distance away, usually a roof. Your battery/inverter wherever it is installed. Mine is in my garage.
I have tried to find what standards apply in the UK when it comes to the qualaity of 50hz AC sine wave that can be expected. And what rfi/efi is allowed, but so far failed.

But, what i can say, is that ive not noticed any degradation in sound quality since having my PV/battery installed.

For a PV system to be CE/ UKCA mark compliant it needs to comply with

  • Appliance safety in accordance with IEC 60950-1:2003-08 as well as EN 50178:1998-04
  • Emissions in accordance with 61000-4-6-3:2002-08 as well as EN 61000-6-4:2008, as well as EN 61000-6-4:2002-08
  • Power feedback to the mains in accordance with EN 61000-3-2:2001-12

I do believe there is international regulation work underway to create a PV specific regulation. Also if you want to sell back to the grid you need to have an approved installation using a registered and certified system installer meeting the noise requirements so the utility company knows your setup is not polluting the mains distribution with RF. Part of my family owns a business in exactly this field.

As far as micro inverters… they can be associated with a chain of one or more panels. Typically this is low voltage high current DC so connections want to be as short as possible to the micro inverter to minimise loss. So is entirely dependent on installation design and type of exposure to sunlight/shade and required system efficiency and cost.

My 16 panels each have their own enphase microinverter. This allows each micro to report individual panel performance. Apart from cost, i dont see why any installer would not do this setup. Each micro can deliver about 300w from my 420w ( dc) panel. Production for the year will exceed 6400kWhr. And as you said to export to grid you will need approval from your DNO in the form of a G98,99 or 100 and most purchasers of the export will expect evidance of a qualification from the installer.

I was originally sceptical about the quality of AC waveform that both the micros and maininverter would deliver. But so far, no issues.

You chaps appear to be conversing in English, but I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re saying!


Sounds like you have a good setup

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But its enjoyable and kinda awesome! Actual experts. In a world full of bluffers.

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