Soldering Naim plugs to NAC A4?

I am about to replace the old 4mm individual banana plugs on my Naim NACA4 speaker cable with the Naim dual banana plugs. If anyone has done this themselves do you have any advice, or even better, a photo of the inside of the plug correctly soldered in place. I have done a lot of soldering so that is not an issue but I am not sure how the individual banana plugs are attached to the cable. Thanks so much.


See below for instructions:

This was written a while ago, and some amps now have L and R reversed compared to the older models.

You need a fairly powerful soldering iron in my experience to solder them easily. But as @HungryHalibut photo shows drilling a couple of holes in a board makes it a lot easier.

Thanks you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for and very helpful.

To add plugs to speaker cable, I fix the plug in a hole in a block of wood and use two soldering irons to get the plug hot enough.

My only addition to these good advices is, be patient.

Again, thanks so much. I followed all the information you provided and made a small wooden jig as suggested and managed to complete the job this morning. Everything went fine and I was patient as recommended since dealing with Naim cable is like and encounter with a boa constrictor.


I use a butane torch to get the heat on.

Not sure how easy it would be to avoid burning or melting the insulation with a blowtorch. You only need to strip 10mm of insulation to fit NACA5 to Naim plugs to it would be very close to the flame. A regular electric soldering iron works for me, just as long as it’s powerful enough to heat the wire quickly.

I use a Dremel Butane Soldering Torch. One can get a very fine, focused and hot flame with it that works perfectly.

I could only do this with lead solder.

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