Solid-Sounds Racks: Any experience?

I’ve come across Solid-Sounds near Leeds who make racks. Anybody got any experience of their work?

Yes, he’s a really nice bloke and a good chippy. Haven’t used his racks, but got one of his LP12 plinths (pic on here somewhere) and his rota jig.


Was using one up until last night, good for the price.
Do a search on me, loads off pics, or take a look on the naim Facebook pages

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Thanks… Useful response!

Thank you Mat… :+1:t2:

This is mine

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I added my own 10mm glass, brass cups and nitrogen balls

Great… And overall for the price I’m guessing you’d recommend?

Yes and even better value secondhand lol

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Well, I’ve purchased! So I’ll find out in about 5-6 weeks time. :sunglasses:

I know it’s bit late, but I have one and I am very pleased with it. I bought a 3 tier rack (4 shelves) in cherry and Paul completed it very quickly. A good, practical piece of furniture.

Hi Alwx, No that’s great. Just makes me feel even better about buying it! :grinning:

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