Solidair pylons for gyrodec

Has anyone compared the basic Solidair pylons with the more expensive Dark Star version? I’d like to try the upgrade but is the more expensive version worth it - an obvious improvement or something subtle that needs a top end system (eg 500 level) to make it worthwhile?

I have the original Solidair pylons fitted to my Orbe since early '19 with much benefit.
Improvements to bass and detail resolution and separation.

When SolidAir launched the Dark Star version, I came them a call to see if they were a ‘must have’ replacement over the originals. I understand there are improvements but not to the same level as the original over the OEM springs.

If I was making the upgrade again, I would go for the Dark Star versions while you are making the change.

Also looking forward to Michell’s new feet, which were due to be launched during the Bristol event, but delay to Axpona in April.

Thanks - not a lot more money so that is probably the right course. Seems to be more fiddly to set up but I have the adjuster for the SME IV and it is probably sensible to check all the settings anyway. You didn’t go for the Solidair feet then?

I have the Orbe with its double plinth already on a rectangular ISO-base plinth, so didn’t want to increase the height any further.
The initial images of the new foot from Michell looks quite compact and not much taller than the original.

Thanks I’ll check that out - the current feet are OK but need very careful positioning on the Quadraspire wall shelf which is slatted.

When I had my Orbe directly on top of my Aavik platform, I used Tendercups under the feet. This provided more of a point isolation and stopped the marking of the wooden shelf.
When I got the rectangular ISO-Base I transferred the cups to under the feet of the ISO-base.

I think the tenderfoot might be a bit better, but the pointed shape may still fall into the space between the slats - I’ve been wondering about the Solidair feet for that reason but I think I will try the pylons first , then see how the Michell feet compare with Solidair.

Rather than Tenderfeet, it was Tendercups


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