Solstice LP - Does it really exist?

It’s been well over a year now since my Solstice arrived and am still waiting for the mythical NAIM Demo LP that was supposed to complete the special edition. Have any been shipped to North America at all? Does the LP actually exist?

Calling @Richard.Dane …….another lp seems to have not arrived?

Geofiz, I recommend you email Naim, for the attention of the Label Manager, James Tailby.

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Thank you for the prompt reply Richard.
Can you provide his email address please or is it easily found on the website?

Emailed via the

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Any new info @Geofiz ? The last I heard was that for those who Naim knew were still waiting, Naim shipped them directly from the UK to our homes. . . . and that the delay is now likely due to “customs holdup.”

Yes, last I heard there was a hold up at customs, I think due to the slightly complex commercial arrangements of having them shipped directly from Naim to the distributor’s end customers rather than to the distributor themselves.

All resolved from this end. Should be getting the LP today. Seems there has been some communications issues that have been sorted out.
If any others in North America have not received their LPs, definitely contact your retailer again to make sure that there have been no communication issues.

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