Solution on two Mu-So Qb in stereo

Hi, im new here. Don’t how everything works.
I was a bit surprised when I found this topic with no solution.
I am running my two Qb2 as two separate stereo speakers. The only thing i have done is to send the left channel (RCA) from my streamer/Dac to the 3,5 mm line in on the left Qb2 and the right to the right one. This way you use them just as they are. And it sounds great.
I do controll the hidden streamer with a remote and and an app.

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Surely inconvenient when you want to adjust volume - or does your DAC have variable line out?

I bought a WiiM pro plus. A nice little black box packed with functions including variable line out, a bluetooth remote, a good app, high res. sound and 5 stars from What HiFi. Price 230£.
It actually sounds very good at any price.

Here’s a screenshot of the WiiM app: