Some CDs do not repeat on my CD5si

I am using a new (2 month old) CD5si. I use the remote to engage repeat. I find that there are some CDs who stop after the last track without repeating. Can this happen or is my CDP defective?

as someone who is contemplating purchasing a CD5si after hearing so many wonderful descriptions of it’s sound quality I look forward to hearing the answer to this question myself … as for now I am stumped …hope you get an answer to this dilema soon . best of luck

@Limbo1 i think it may have something to sod with a cd cleaning fluid I used years ago. As of now if us only those CDs. I threw them out just to be safe. I don’t remember the brand.

It seems to only effect the repeat function. Each CD plays to the end flawlessly. When I have it on replay, some don’t repeat. I cannot tell if the SQ is otherwise compromised in any way. I wanted to use repeat to break-in my cable from the SN3 to the CD5si. I do not have another Naim CDP to compare it to. This is the only one Naim currently offers.

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