Some info for muso multiroom?!

Hey guys

I just take the Sonos five for trial…I am very lucky because there is a harsh sound and I didn’t like at all.

So I thing him will be better?

But the main problem is if with macOS will have two muso playing at the same time YouTube like Sonos? With Sonos I go inside the app and I check both speakers.


You can have two Musos playing the same music at the same time. The Naim app allows you to start a music stream on one device and then enable multi-room so the other device plays the same music in time with the original. You can use the app to adjust the volume independently on each device or control the overall volume. It’s easy to use and works well in my experience.

However, you can’t do this on a Mac unless it’s a recent one with an M1 chip. You need an iPhone or Android phone to run the app.


With YouTube you would presumably cast it using AirPlay so you won’t be using Naim multiroom. In this case I can’t see why Apple’s multiroom wouldn’t work though.

Thnx roger.

So no app naim with macOS neither with M1 chip?!

So with M1 chip I can play multiroom because I have the opportunity to connect more than one audio devices from the sound settings ?

Can you tell me the way to understand it better?


There is no Naim app for OSX but if your Mac is an M1 you can run iOS apps on it, including the Naim app.

What you can’t do is access YouTube from within the Naim app so the above is not really relevant. You need to run YouTube and use AirPlay to send it to the Musos. AirPlay has its own multiroom, so although I haven’t tried it with YouTube I’m assuming it would work fine into your two Musos.

Chris is right – I overlooked that you were wanting to use it with YouTube via Airplay … Sorry!

MultiRoom works with streaming from music streaming services like Qobuz and Tidal, locally stored music and digital radio. But whatever you do with your Musos, you will need the Naim App and this runs on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) as well Android phones and tablets but not on older Macs. It will also run on the latest Macs which use Apple’s M1 chip. But that is because the M1 chip allows them to run most iOS apps natively, unlike the older machines.


So the last question is if somebody make a test with airplay vs naim app if the sound is better or worst.

Usually airplay make the sound a bit hursh?!

I am asking all the details because I want to buy two muso for everything. Movies with e left and right speaker,YouTube, Spotify etc.

Airplay is lossy AAC to my knowledge

I mainly use AirPlay when I want to use the Atom for sound from the speakers mounted either side of my iMac. And that’s only for the occasional TV program which I might be watching on the Mac rather than my main TV and when sound quality isn’t a priority.

When I briefly compared the Qobuz app into the Atom via Airplay vs the same track using Qobuz via the Naim app, I definitely preferred the Naim app. But I’ve not made an extensive comparison.



Thanx a lot.

I am a bit confused choosing the naim muso or Sonos……

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