Some system upgrade advice

Hello everyone,

I’ve got the itch for an upgrade on my system. My current Dynavector 10x2 MkII is on its last legs, so I need to make some sort of decision regarding the system. I’ll list it below, but my thoughts are I could go three ways. So I’m looking for advice on which path will be the most appropriate and best bang for my buck.

All options would be similar in upgrade costs taking into account trade-ins etc.

Option one
Trade in the existing turntable, then new or demo turntable and cartridge. Probably Planar 8 or 10. Dependant on demo/2nd hand price.

Option two
New speakers (Buchard S400 MKII)

Option 3
New cartridge (Dynavector DV-XX2 mkII)

The current system is below:

Supernait 1 | ND5 XS2 | Rega P7, Dynavector 10x5 MkII | Quad 12L

I know the speakers are the weak point currently, but it may not necessarily mean it is the component to upgrade.

As always, thanks in advance for everyone’s thoughts.



Limiting speakers = limiting sound… My recommendation is before anything else to get the speakers as good as you can afford, subject to amp being sufficiently adequate to not lose control, unless something else is broken preventing music play or very literally about to reach that point. Buying ex-dem or secondhand would maximise buying power (and speakers last for decades). The source first brigade will say otherwise, but in my experience as long as you have a half decent source (which you do), then this is the best route to musical satisfaction.


Your listening priorities stereolabb ?

Turntable first , streaming first or 50/50


Assuming no change in source or music preference and satisfied with the overall sound quality, I would add a sub and get a new cartridge.

I’m happy with the streaming level, the ND5 XS2 is very good, so I’m turning my attention to speakers or Turntable.

Yes I agree streaming level is good

Personally I’m of the first source brigade so if you wish to continue with the Rega way , yes the 8 or 10 I guess in the first instance

The Dynavector cartridge you mention is a cracker , friend of mine has one and it sounds wonderful

It’s a MC cartridge so you would need a a good phono stage the DV P75 MK 4 goes very will with it

My view is the speaker upgrade can wait a little longer. The SN 1 is fine

The Dynavector XX2MkII is a wonderful cartridge. If you play a lot of records, that would be my suggestion, even if it means getting a step-up amp as well.

Looks like a balanced system. I’d definitely sort the cartridge and don’t dare start an upgrade ladder. Instead park funds long term until you’re ready for a big bang whole system upgrade in a few years.

I’m a huge believer in big bang upgrades. Go from one perfectly balanced system to the next with minimal mucking about in between. Just a decade or more of music.

I have a DV P75, hence my preference to DV cartridges, especially being able to run it in Dr T mode.

Excellent news then as you already have the DVP75 so yes makes lot of sense to go with your thoughts on the DV XX Mk 2 - it’s a very good cartridge

Perhaps servicing/recap the SN1, if it has not been done since new.

Is this an expensive service, just wondering if anyone knows what this costs?

Your local naim dealer should be able to advise on this.

Hicap DR for the SN1 is magic.

Sure is Ardbeg10y

I’ve got one with my SN3 - certainly worth it

I wonder if Naim will bring out a new classic half box PS

Not everyone wants a full width PS

Listen to Innocent_Bystander

But if you need a new pickup, get that sorted out first.

Then get new speakers. Your electronics are fine. The turntable also.

It does seem the logical approach and what I’m leaning towards. The new Regas are nice and better, but how much better? Is a P8 much better than a P7? Perhaps, perhaps not.

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Easy one
New speakers.


Well only you can figure that one out Stereolabb by having a listen to the P8 and P10 vs your P7

I don’t know much about the Rega TT’s ( being a Sondek person myself) but I assume the P8 and P10 may have a better tonearm than the P7 ? But could be wrong there ?

If the tonearm is better then you should get the benefit of the DVXX -2 cartridge otherwise it might be debatable with the P7 perhaps ?

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