Some tracks are unavailable

When I opened each of my playlists (made on the iPad) today, I got this message:

“Some tracks are unavailable as they cannot be located on the server or the server is offline.”

Well, the missing tracks (with an ‘X’ marked against them) are available if I look at my music library, so I would assume they would be on the server as well.

I have done al manner of power cycling – Synology NAS, Unitiserve/SSD the 555PSs, and the iPad itself – no luck.

So, first, I would like to understand a little bit what’s happening. And then would welcome suggestions to sort this out.

Many thanks


Hi Ken, in my experience this has been a shortcoming of the Naim app playlists since the day the app was released, and others have occasionally posted about the same issue here. I’m not aware of any solution. There used to be an iTunes backup if the Naim app that included any playlists, but that no longer exists.
A better solution, in my opinion, is to use your server to create playlists, which can then be viewed and played via the UPnP input on the Naim app. If you still have a Unitiserve, this is easy to do on the N-Serve app on iPhone or iPad. Not quite as convenient as doing it on the Naim app, but still pretty easy, and reliable.

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Chris, many thanks! Ah, so this is a known defect in the Naim application itself. I also have some playlists on the server and agree that these are more ‘stable’ BUT … I found they behave somewhat differently - for example, if I select one track – I am used to the app adding all tracks on the playlist rather than just the one I have selected. However, this is a very minor issue – and one could argue that nserve app does it more correctly anyhow…

I think I have had my fingers burnt too many times – so I shall use nserve app to maintain playlists from now on. Thanks for making this suggestion – again … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I suspect this is an accidental omission by Naim, as the whole point of a playlist is to, errr, play the list! The solution is to open a playlist and hit the … icon (the one at the top of the list, not next to an individual track) then select Play from the list of options, then the whole queue will play.

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Ah well…
I know about how to play the whole nserve list – just that sometimes I want to select where it starts – but tbh, this is a very minor issue for me.

Indeed, the ‘Play from this track’ option also seems to be missing from the N-Serve playlists. Odd, and again, I suspect it’s just another accident.

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