Someone keeps connecting to my Atom - how do i stop this?

Hello all,

i live in a larger apt complex with obvious neighbors very close. Someone will randomly connect to my Atom and start playing music from it. I use the atom for my general PC, work calls, music , everything.

I have every input turned off except, qobuz, tidal, servers, analog 1, 2 digital in’s. The atom has a plugged in wired connection.

Im pretty alert when it comes to internet security and even have to accept and allow new connections to the network.

How can i stop this? Other than someone being on my network there should be NO way someone can connect right?


Change your WiFi password, use a far longer and complex one. Your existing one has been compromised.


Possibly the long standing Spotify Connect issue. If anyone has ever used it with your Atom they can, perhaps accidentally, do so again from any location. There is a setting on the Spotify app that will prevent it, but only if you identify the culprit and can persuade them to so so.



I dont think anyone (even myself) has connected to it with spotify. Im positive day one of me getting it i turned off every input besides the wired ones.

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ya had to do this again, just a smashed my keyboard up to 20 ish letters and numbers.

What has been interesting is the person will connect, turn the volume down to 60, music plays for 1 sec or 2 then it will stop. To me thats not malicious but on accident based on a security flaw on atoms app. I also dont see them on the router “whos connected” app. hmm

Try resetting the app and also the QB to factory settings. And make sure you do not have multiple apps connected to the unit at the same time.

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A Spotify user would have to have connected to your Atom through your network once. After that, you cannot prevent it by disabling the Spotify input.


what do you mean multiple apps at the same time?

ah interesting. Would a full factory reset on the atom stop that you think? (sorry not super techy)

No, I don’t think so. You need to figure out who did it and persuade them to set their Spotify app to ‘Show local devices only’ so that they can’t accidentally stream to your Atom remotely.

Putting the Atom in Deep Sleep mode instead of Network Standby will prevent it when you are not using the Atom yourself.

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Do you have a firewall in your router, in which case since you dont use Spotify, you might be able to block traffic from Spotifies IP addresses which appear to be,, and when I did a quick search


i do on my router. i will take a look at this. Thank you very much.

ah ok, thank you.

There was a discussion on here a couple of years ago in which it was said that a factory reset would fix it. I’d definitely try that.

Some years ago, my Qb kept playing someone’s Spotify. I worked out what had happened when the music started playing when the person walked in. I managed to block it without them changing Spotify settings; from memory I think I used a factory reset.

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Thanks for this thread! Our son was here last night and yes this morning we were treated to his Spotify playlist on the ND5 XS2.

I remember having read about this years ago already here on the forum, where parents would wake up in the middle of the night because of a party playlist from their beloved offspring.

Had him clear his device list and all other instructions here. Crazy but also funny (in our case).

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Yes, you need to try to see the funny side of it when your kids are at a party trying to crank up the volume at 1am! The last time I fell victim to this was when my daughter was trying to play nursery rhymes to her kids, which was slightly easier to bear.

The real problem with this is when the culprit, not being able to hear the music that Spotify is playing, turns up the volume to max, potentially destroying your speakers. The fact that this is possible, and that Spotify refuse to change it, is really gross stupidity on their part.


Not confined to Naim either my Bluesound has been deliberately hijacked by my daughter whilst away in Germany to send “musical messages”.

Spotify can be toggled on or off on my Auralic so my Naim amplification and speakers are safe from this. I’m presuming Naim doesn’t have this facility or it would have been mentioned?



You can disable the Spotify input, but that doesn’t block remote access.


I like that idea! I can feel a revenge attack coming on.

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Just show us where he is and then fuggeddabout it.