Something rather different from Bonnie Prince Billy/Nathan Salsburg

Here is a new release that I am loving. Definitely ‘Marmite’ though

This is one of two tracks both around 20mins that make up the release. Described as ‘hardcore lullabies’. Each takes a short song by underground punkish band ‘Lungfish’ (about whom I know nothing) and extends it into a repetitive, mesmeric and circular version lead by the BPB’s voice and embellished subtly as they progress by additional accompaniment. The lyrics are obscure but the origin story (see the Bandcamp page and other reviews) is rather nice as Salsburg started off playing the repetitive figures as a lullaby with one hand whilst rocking his baby to sleep with the other.

It is on Tidal/Bandcamp/Qobuz etc.

BPB is a fairly eccentric artist, but a taste I have definitely acquired. His solo output is varied, and collaborations wide. I can try to help anyone interested in his large back catalogue.

If just floats the boat of one person I’ll be happy. Many will hate it!



Just had a preview - I’m a big BPB fan and this is magnificent - I missed it so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

A purchase will be made today. Just done a search on my goto download sites and have the 16 bit flac download for £5.99

Nice one.

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Stop press - 7digital have the 16 bit flac download for £1.49

Sometimes these long two trackers fall into the single or EP algorithm.

I stopped looking at 7Digital a while back as they never seemed to have what I wanted. I paid full whack at Bandcamp. I’m unsure if their funding model remains better for artists since the takeover.


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It does make you wonder who is zooming who nowadays and this release is a good example of what you will pay for the 16bit flac download:

Qobuz - £10.85
Bandcamp - £8.50
Boomkat - £6.99
Bleep - £5.99
Juno - £3.99
7digital - £1.49

I’ve got a few BPB CDs I’ll check it out, cheers.