Songs to Test Timing

Or songs where you can tell the timing is off.

Let me start - Merry Go round by Kacey Musgraves. I had a fancy $6K power strip and power cord which I let burn in for a few weeks and mostly wasn’t sure what it did but let it be there anyway… Until I heard this song in the passing - and noticed that the drums? Snares? Always seemed to be off in timing…

With seeds of doubt planted all that fancy equipment was sold off.

The Roots Game Theory is a song where all the musicians play together in a way that makes me feel a strong urgency, the track is full of energy.

Few weeks ago I heard this track on a friends system where the track has lost all its drive, sounded rather boring, as if Malik B. was way ahead and the rest of the band tried to follow him.

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What an interesting question. I had not given it much thought, but may I suggest this by EBTG? It’s deceptively simple, with piano and harmonies, but with the clicking makes it a good example of what timing should be.

Damn that track is seriously full of energy. Thanks! My timing seems spot on.

Bass is the best bitch to rule timing.
A well tested and tested test is “Safe from Harm” by Massive attack.
Has a fairly simple go through but the bass both leads and follows.
Turned up loud should feel like the air conditioner is turned up enough to make the beard wave about.


Thank you @TOBYJUG - at last, a track I can play!
Next day off - wake up the neighbours…

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“Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits.


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