Songs with lyrics heavily based on numbers or number sequences

I wonder how many there are?

Kate Bush’s Pi sprang to mind when watching Ayreon’s video of The Day That The World Breaks Down for this section at 7’19’’ with Michael Mills improvising binary vocally:

‘Yes’, I guess too in a minor way.

I’ll see myself out



not very clever, but let’s get one in

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now for some division

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What a classic!

Three Steps to Heaven - now they do count up from Step 1
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive
Of course many from Sesame Street
12 Days of Christmas
once, twice three times a Lady

I just happen to love that song, they were/are very underrated.

Well some were underrated - but not necessarily all :smile: (certainly not one)

Now any songs that are above number 20 - that may be a lot harder

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Never heard it before, but undeniably a bit of fun for many people at that time - music should be jolly and accessible unlike anything we generally relate to on hi-fi forums.

I have a real soft spot for Baby Spice, she had several great solo pop albums.

Would highly recommend this:


Love this track, just has a bit of country sassiness about it:


I do like it that freckles are covered up a lot less these days


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We’ell, it’s

“ONE for the money, TWO for the show, THREE to get ready…now…”

Coat on. Real gone, man


King Crimson.

A song about the unlimited liability of being a name on a Lloyd’s of London Syndicate. Interesting if you know about LMX.

Coda: Marine 475

Marine four seven five
One, eight
Eight, eight
Six, six, two, three
One, seven, zero, three
One, seven, nine, zero
Six, three
One, nine, zero
Five, one, zero
One, one, four, eight
Two, three
One, last, three, five
Five, five, five, five

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Country Joe at Woodstock, 1,2,3 figures a lot.

And the Tom Robinson Band nearly 20 years later.

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Damn, 2 minutes :clap:

Shellac - New Number Order

Feist - 1, 2, 3, 4

This is not the original version:

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