Sonore ultraRendu as UPnP bridge?

I have a Sonore ultraRendu sat on my network being used as a Roon endpoint for a USB DAC. Can this also be used as UPnP bridge (to use an older Naim streamer with Roon) or would I need a dedicated Sonore UPnP bridge ?

Hi @james_n
I think @simon.pepper has an ultraRendu, but I bookmarked this post when I was looking to Roonify my NDS (which I did successfully with the Sonore UPnP Bridge), and he also has a UPnP Bridge connected (maybe it’s integrated in the ultraRendu?).

So I don’t know, sorry, but hopefully Simon will chip in in a bit.


Hi @james_n, Yes I do @ChrisH

I run the SonoreUPnP Bridge on an UltraRendu (wired), powered by a UltraCap LPS 1 (dual faceplate for them both).

Just go to ‘Software Manager’ under Apps and under ‘Available Apps’ look for the Bridge application.

Runs perfectly and sounds great.

These are the settings I use on the UltraRendu

and then on Roon


This gives uncompressed WAV output for PCM formats (I find is the best for the NDS) and native DSD for DSD64, DSD128 etc. (again I have found this best over DSD->PCM conversion within the Roon Core).

Given it is an UltraRendu I also have the option of using the USB out, and a USB->S/PDIF convertor as a Digital-input to the NDS, but the UPnP feed to the Ethernet input on the NDS is better.
And of course, if I ever swap out the NDS for a DAC with a USB input.


I see you have to select the renderer. Does this mean that it will only operate one device?

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Like the post above, it’s the Bridge App. I use it to cast Roon to my UQ1 from a microRendu. And, yes, it can only do one device on the Bridge app, though the UltraRendu itself can then play to both of your Roon endpoints, the Roon server one (your current DAC) and the Bridge one. You need to enable squeezebox in Roon as well under audio settings, and not have any other squeezebox servers running on the network.

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Fantastic - thanks all for your help. I had a look under the device manager and found the Bridge under available Apps and now understand from the posts above how to use it.

Loving what the uR (and LPS1.2) is doing with my DAC and this extra functionality opens up some interesting options :grinning:

Thanks again


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