Sonos app update

Thanks Chris.

I have now downloaded and am using MConnect which works great, both Qobuz and my NAS files to my Sonos Roam.

Will try it with my Naim streamer too later.

It’s always worked well for me on my NDX and Superuniti to access Qobuz, I did try it for Sonos the other day but I have two zones in our kitchen and I couldn’t see how to play to both of them at the same time. It was fine playing to one. I don’t know how but last night despite auto updates turned off my iPad downloaded the “new” Sonos App, so that’s me stuffed unless I use the iMac!
What do you think of the Roam?

Love the Roam, hate the new sonos app.


Really I haven’t noticed a lot of difference apart from the new mute button which I always thought was odd that it never had one before.

The new app looks OK and I think I understand what they were trying to achieve, a slicker access to streaming services etc. My problems are with my music library which fleetingly appears as a source and if I’m quick I can open it, if not it’s gone. Pretty much unusable, the app also shows an additional source as “TV” split over two zones, I don’t have a television connected to Sonos, particularly annoying as this always appears.

Oddly enough it finds my Core straight away, I don’t usually use it for music but it’s nice to know I can.

It also found my Core, but can’t play the songs in that.

I notice from your profile that you have both Bluesound and Sonos, any comments on which is superior? If Sonos can’t sort out their app and return my 6 zones to a workable system, I’ll be looking for an alternative but only if the Bluesound app is reliable, any guidance much appreciated.

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Strange it did take awhile to find my core (it was operator error) and I can play from it as well.

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I personally prefer Bluesound in terms of better sound quality. But Sonos wins on app’s convenience and user friendliness, tho’ with the new updated app I don’t see that anymore now that the alarm feature where we can choose our music from streaming as our alarm is gone (if it’s still there, I can’t find it so there goes the user friendliness). Going forward I think I’ll gradually replace it with Bluesound entirely for my home (except of course the Naims as my main & “serious system”)

Thanks, pretty much as I expected, I’ll give them until the “mid June” update to sort out the access to my music library before I make a final decision. It’s annoying as I recently replaced three Connect Amps with their newer Amp model, and was planning on an Arc soundbar or its replacement due this year I believe.

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If anyone is struggling to access their Sonos music library after the new update, try Sonophone a £2.99 app which immediately found my NAS library and works just fine for me. There is also an app for iPad, entitled…wait for it …Sonopad!

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