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Any other Sonos users in here? I have a couple of Sonos speakers in the house and while they’re clearly not a patch on my Naim system they are useful for some background music while working from home or cooking in the kitchen.
But the new app, where do I start with how rubbish it is? From not detecting the system when starting it up, completely losing browse functionality, lack of queue management and generally sluggish responsiveness to name but a few issues, it really is a great big pile of horse manure. Anybody else feeling the same about it? So bad, I’ve downloaded an apk of the previous version and gone back to that.

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Sonos Community
They have a help forum. :+1:t2:

Sure, but I just wanted to see what other Naimites were thinking. I’ll say this though, if that app is what happens with an arbitrary deadline and rush to market, it is reassuring that Naim look to being glacially slow when rolling out the Tidal hi res flac update as I’m confident that when it is eventually released it should at least work!

Agreed the SONOS update is a huge step backwards in terms of both ease of use and functionality to the point that I’ve stopped using it and stick solely to ROON

We use it for the kitchen.

Have three One speakers set up as a group. Decided that was the better option to having one high quality (eg. Qb). This was because spreading the sound around with 3 cheaper speakers (around a noisy kitchen) seemed better than one high quality speaker (which could be drowned out by kitchen appliances depending on location)

So we are a very simple user. Just use search facility to link with Tidal and Spotify connect, and that all seems to be working fine. But have never tried anything more complicated than that

We also have 3 Sonos One speakers in the house. Two are paired in stereo in the kitchen. One in my daughters room.

To be honest I’ve never liked the Sonos app and only really use Tidal Connect with the Sonos speakers.

I actually think the new home screen in the Sonos app is nicer, as you can edit it as you see fit. However, I still can’t see myself using it too often anyway.

With the latest Tidal interface update. (Which is finally really good) there is even less reason for me to use the Sonos App.

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My son and I have both come away from Sonos in the last 9 months.
The App and WiFi issues being the primary reasons for both of us.

Just been speaking to a friend who has Sonos kit and he said the app update is worse than useless can’t even control the basics like volume they do have a website that gives some guidelines for when this will be resolved. Don’t hold your breath for a quick fix?

I use Bubble upnp player for playing from Qobuz or local files on the NAS so only really use the Sonos app for radio. Thankfully that means it isn’t too much of an issue for me but my goodness, what were they thinking?

No problems with the new app here. You just need to adjust to the different interface - ie all the groupings / individual speakers are dragged up from the bottom of the screen.

Sonos in general - all good for the last 10 years until the introduction of a Ray into the setup and needing to move everything across to S2. A bit more unreliable since then and a bit more laggy with the app. Random speakers dropping out etc. Everything network and Matrix wise is fine so i think it’s just my ageing Play 1s. A shame as Sonos has been a beacon of usability and reliability.

I had actually started to switch my background/ambiance music system at home to BluOS (Bluesound) after Sonos suddenly dropped all supports for the version one (legacy) products. But I really like their alarm feature that enable me to set my alarm with my choice of music in the morning which absent in BlueOS and Naim, so I decided to give a shot with their new products and ended up with both Bluesounds and Sonos products at home (three with Naim for serious listening). Besides, I love the look of Sonos new Sub gen3.

Now that alarm feature is gone from my Sonos iOS app on my iphone, but I still have it on my Android device. If later on that one is also gone from Android app, then I just would never look at their products ever again, and totally switch to Bluesound for background music system at home.

If you update your speakers etc and the app I think you’ll find that the alarm feature is back, mine is. Had Sonos for 10 + years and always considered that the app and operation in the past has been pretty much faultless, better than the Naim app in fact. I have 6 zones, this update is dreadful, luckily I only updated my iPhone so have full control on my iPad, I wish that they would provide a roll back to the working version instead of defending what they’ve done, come on Sonos it’s broken if you have a music library. Having said all that Sonos is/was a very good multi room system with respectable sound, no it’s not Naim but I find it incredibly useful and prior to this debacle it just worked……always.

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Wondered how long before thread drift would occur and Naim app would be criticised.

Over a decade ago, sorted our network, across two buildings, including three gens of Naim kit.
No issues whatsoever. No isp router or wifi; simple FTTC (no fibre for our overseas friends, copper link).
Streaming from T, Q and US + latterly Core both via NAS.

The only issue is, TT still lacks a network card, so app is flaky just for TT, but can still manage vol control !

Not criticised compared.

In english please - see forum guidance ! Is this Sonos speak ? Google offers no help !

Have you been at the meths again?

Has anyone been able to set up access to their NAS on the new updated app?

If so, how did you do it?

I’m unable to find the section in settings. I may have read that this function isn’t available anymore.

At the moment I don’t think it’s possible to “set up access” to your NAS. If it was already set up prior to the new app then you may have access, although my music library appears and then disappears from time to time. The update to resolve this is said to be “mid June”. There is an app update tomorrow for other problems I believe.

Yep, it’s back on android, yipee🥳. but I still don’t see one on iOS device (iphone)

Sonos is announcing new products tomorrow (21 May) which will launch in June. Some of these updates will relate to these new products. Highest on the rumour list are a pair of wireless headphones.

The following provides details if forthcoming fixes, including playing local files due mid-June.