Sonus faber Olympic Nova 1s with my Uniti Star

Afternoon all,
Having demo’d a number of speakers (to replace my ATC SCM7s V3) to go with my Uniti Star, I have fallen in love with the Sf Nova 1s, in sound quality, build quality and design terms, plus in my smallish room (13’ x 13’ x 9’H) they are a very good fit on stands. I would love the SF Nova 2s which I also heard, but they would be overkill in size and cost terms for the room, plus I simply cannot lift/move floor standing speakers any more as I had spinal surgery a couple of years ago, so weight is a factor in my purchase.
However, both Naim and the dealer have expressed concern that as the Nova1s (and I believe all Sf speakers) are a nominal 4ohms and the Uniti range is optimised for 8ohm speakers, the Star could get very warm and/or be damaged if driven very hard, which it wouldn’t, as although I sometimes turn the wick up, it’s not to silly, extremely levels, as we live in a terraced property, so our neighbours, whilst lovely and enjoy music themselves, would not appreciate ridiculous Db levels !
It has been suggested by the dealer that as I like the Nova 1s so much, perhaps I should consider a different amp, but I love my Star and it’s only just over 2 years old.
So, my question to the forum is, are there any of you out there using a Star (or Atom or Nova) with Sf Nova 1s and have you experienced any issues & are you pleased with the Unity/Sf Nova 1 combination ?
Any thoughts, comments or advice gratefully received before I pull the trigger on a pair of Nova 1s !
Sorry, but just one final question, the PMC Twenty25.21i has been suggested as a less expensive, but very good (8ohm) match with the Star - has anyone any experience or thoughts on this combination ?
Many thanks

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I have a Nova and SF sonetto 3 speakers and have no trouble driving them. They are a 4 ohm load but do not dip any lower and I think the same can be said for the SF Novas.

Extra power would be welcome but if, as you say, you won’t be playing at very high levels, the Star should cope.

Many thanks for your reply, that’s very reassuring !
That’s one positive vote then so far …

If you google “Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 1 loudspeaker Measurements” you’ll find details showing the impedance curve remains above 4ohms across the entire frequency range.

This is in contrast to Sonetto III which dips to 3 ohms.

The Nova I look like a fairly easy load for an amp, so I doubt your Star will have any problem with them.

Like all SF speakers they will just get better the more amp you throw at them.

(Not heard the Is, but own Sonetto III and have heard Nova II/III and Serafino with various naim amps).

Thank you very much, really good to hear and I will Google as you suggest.
Much appreciated.