Sonus faber vanere 2.5-3.0

Hi I’m Nigel new on the forum,just purchased nd5 xs2 and nait xs2 looking at purchasing some sf speaker has anyone got any feedback on these it would be most welcome ty

I owned the Venere 2.0 for 4 years with a Nait 5i, then a SN2 and ND5 XS. They match well with Naim. If you are in America, I suggest you look for Ryan Speakers. They are better. I recently bought the Totem Tribe Towers and they are much better than the Venere. Depending on where you are in the world, they may be a better choice (prices are higher in Europe).

My dealer , at one time carried sf, but felt each new generation was going in the wrong direction. He was definitely not fond of the venere. I ended up with harbeth m30.1 (not from him) and have been very happy with them. Personally - would also consider p3 or dynaudio evoke (new line) may be worth seeking out and totem is a good suggestion- perhaps more details on what you listen to and price/size for spkrs. also location (at least continent).

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