Sony - 360 Reality Audio

Was catching up with IFA and spotted their new cheaper £800 DAP and interestingly a freebie headphone upgrade for XM3 owners.

Read a few reviews, one claiming it was like stereo vs Dolby Atmos.

Seems to be quite an elaborate configuration.

Now nearing launch, catalogue of 1000 tracks, but can work with any headphones.

Sony finally got the Android update today, seems Sony released it for about a week exclusive on their Xperia handset.

The ear optimisation was a bit weird and the content on Tidal or Hugs is very, very, very poor.

Sadly my comparison of Tidal Hifi vs Tidal 360 was based on Britney Spears and Miles Davis.

In summary a very different experience, I’d say music in the head rather than concentrated on the ears.

Standard also sounded allot more forceful in comparison.

Using a free trial of ??? a live recording streaming site really brought an interesting yet odd experience.

At the moment I can see the potential, will try more and see, but it did make me head hurt.

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