Sony HT-A7000 + Naim at the same time for L/R channels

I’m noodling whether it is possible to have my Sony Sound bar and my Naim stereo speakers working at the same time. I ditched my AV AMP and surround speakers because I didn’t like all the cabling and the big surround speakers hanging around. I really like the sound and functionality of the Sony with the wireless surround and subwoofer. I was happy to set up my TV to not use my Naim for the L/R channels anymore.

Now wondering if I’d like that back - esp for music video stuff.

I have an 8K samsung TV which doesn’t allow multi-sound output (other than for TV speakers and blue tooth at the same time. So I can’t have both direct from the TV.

The sound bar can act as a bluetooth transmitter, but that might have the same “only one” issue and might have sound quality challenge.

Similarly starting down the rabbit hole of HDMI sound extractors that will pass on the rest of the signal is a bit of an unknown.

Before I start experimenting, I wondered if anyone had trodden this rather specific path before?

I don’t think you can, but could well be wrong here.

I’m assuming you’re using Earc from the Samsung rather than a STB?

The Sony7000 has an optical connection but I am not sure whether it is input only. If you have an optical cable, you could try connecting the 7000 to an optical input on your ND555.

I don’t know if turning volume down on the soundbar would leave the optical output level intact (assuming the Sony does do optical out).

So what I am suggesting is Earc via HDMI then optical out to ND555. I can’t see any other "solution "; the Sony combination is pretty much a stand alone set up.

Thanks. WIll do some further research and report back if I find a solution.

I’ve done this (different products though) a few times.

biggest stumbling blocks initially will be, once you get a solution running; timing differences.

I’d be keen to put something inline to help split the signal, ie two analogue streams (super easy, probably working with 2x 3.5mm plugs, and using a splitter (will halve signal level)), and then use the soundbars ANALOGUE INPUT (assuming has one, apologies for lack of research)…

running two analogue feeds is best bet to overcome timing differences.

streaming 2x via bluetooth is becoming a technology ‘thing’; but if different products receive, processing times being different, leads to audio issues…

ie my two DAPs that receive bluetooth take slightly different millisecond amounts (by a factor of hundreds of ms), and any solution that feeds them both simultaneously will lead to playback issues.

running bluetooth to soundbar, or arguably, ‘digital anything’ (eARC/toslink), might have a processing delay.

generally speaking, an analogue input has fastest processing and could prove most usable technology.

setting TV to PCM output (rather than auto/surround sound) on the digital out, and a few DAC options could then be engaged to make you a high(er) quality analogue feed.

I presently run a fiio M11+ (DAP) into an old AudioGd DAC that then feeds a box that redigitises the signal.
the sound is amazing.
having done the same, for years, veing an iFi Diablo into some Sennheiser RS170 ‘wireless headphones’; also redigitising the signal- a nice outboard DAC will make for an excellent source even if it has to be redigitised.

I say this, and give my use cases simply to have pundits consider their options from a wider pool of resources.

The AudioGD DAC I use in ‘b setups’ was an old bit if kit gathering dust at a mates place. (and has multiple outputs and supports plug types I use).

I have found a Fiio BTA30 /BTA30 Pro indespensible when trying to do oddities with setups or walking off the well troden hobby path.

bluetooth in and out/DAC (digital in into analogue out) functions, and ability to reroute signals in ways that I wish ‘very handy’.
(also can DAC out direct from Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4/5 etc)(not much does that, generally requires UAC1 USB modes)

thinking, if sony soundbar has analogue input, an inbetween TV and amplifiers (soundbar AND Naim) stage splitting analogue to two feeds will sidestep a tonne of synchronisation/timing issues…

As a user with a soundbar in one room and a full blown ATMOS 7.2.4 in another, my advice is don’t mix them. In both my AV setups, there is an extremely capable stereo setup too but I keep these isolated.

If the soundbar is not quite doing it for you, but you like the centre locked dialogue it provides for everyone in the room, then I would strongly suggest getting a better soundbar (with a matching wireless sub). Effective integrating of the stereo to the AV system really requires that you either use stereo as the AV system, or that the stereo speakers and AV speakers (especially the centre channel) are all a matched set (which can be cost prohibitive the more high end your stereo is). The vast superiority of the main stereo will never offset the oddness of a unmatched set.

A soundbar can be really satisfying if you get a really good one.

Hi Dan,
In my set up I run HDMI ARC to my AV Amp from the TV for surround sound and optical output from the TV to the streamer for stereo via my HiFi System.
Can your TV not do the same - run HDMI ARC to the Soundbar and optical to your streamer to get you what you want?
You may need to switch between HDMI or Optical output in the TV menu for your TV but I dont have to do that on my Samsung 4K TV.

Most people that run the Sony HT-A7000, are not aware that you can actually add speakers to the bar itself. In fact you can add another Subwoofer (or more if you daisy chain) and left and right surrounds.
If you turn the soundbar upside down, above the optical in port you will see a rectangular tab, Cut the tab out with a stanley knife. You will then see three 3.5mm jack sockets. One is subwoofer out, the other two are surround left and right. All can be controlled via the soundbar volume control, all will show up when connected and you do a setup routine from the menu. Obviously you would need leads that have a 3.5mm jack plug at one end and an RCA at the other end. All three of these outputs are signal only, so you would need an active sub, and an amp on the end off left and right surrounds.


Thanks all. Lots here to work through. Next week for that. At Glastonbury now for the rest of this week :slight_smile:

Just need to add to my earlier post, AV Bypass needs to be used on your Naim amp when being used from the HT-A7000.

Could you clarify this point? If the 3.5mm output is the signal only, why the av bypass is required?

So that the preamp section of the amp is bypassed and only the power amp is used. That way the soundbar is in control of the volume.