Sopra No. 2 and NAP250DR

Has anyone here actually heard this combination? Is this amplifier up to the task? Or did you go to another amp or speaker to achieve system synergy?

I heard this combination at my dealer. I was so much disappointed with the result of the speaker! I ended up with buying the Vivid Audio Kaya 45. Match made in heaven. I am so happy with it!


I heard the Sopra 3 with the 252/300 at the dealer. The problem wasn’t the amp

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The thread linked below has several people saying they found the 300 a step up on the 250 into Sopra 2s, unfortunately it doesn’t say much about their experiences with the 250.

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Given the comments an interesting pairing for the Tin release. Thoughts?

Ha… another Vivid owner and fellow Dutchman, also from Amsterdam. Welcome! There are only a few Naim-Vivid owners here afaik.

I purchased my Kaya 25s a few weeks ago, replacing SF Guarneri’s. I have a demo pair till my own in a bespoke colour arrive in a few weeks. Over the moon with them!

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You have a very fine amplifier and with the NDX2 and XPSDR a very fine source too. The speakers will be absolutely fine with the Sopra 2.

Of course the 300 brings a big improvement over the 250, just as an ND555 or a 552 would bring a big improvement. The key thing for you to do is to try the speakers in your own house. I find Focal speakers too bright and wouldn’t choose them myself, but lots of people like them. Get a good length audition to ensure that you’ll find them enjoyable long term. They are not cheap and you want to be certain that they are right for you.

I’ve heard the SN2 with the Sopra 2s and was very good so a 250 will be fine. The real issue is as to whether the Sopras are right for you.

Thank you! Congratulations with your new Vivid’s. I found them really ugly in the beginning, bought them only for the great sound. But after a few days I saw the beauty. The curves…
Just curious, wich colour you ordered?

I’ve heard that combination and it sounded very good…but in the same demo I then heard the Sopra 2s driven by a 300DR. The Sopra’s seemed to grow in size by a couple of feet! To my mind the 250DR doesn’t really do justice to the Sopra 2s. Maybe a better match would be the Kanta 2?

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Yes I had Sopra 2s with my 250DR.
At times they sounded majestic.

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I choose a colour called Hot Chocolate Metallic from a Mini Cooper, in matt.
If you’re interested, I posted a write up about them here:

The color will look amazing, good choice. I enjoyed your post and photos. Thanks!

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