‘Sorry if you’ve heard this one before’

Hi folks,
I’ve owned a Nova for around 12 months now. Absolutely love it. Thought I’d give it a bit more grunt by adding a 300 dr. Powering my Spendor d9.2’s very nicely. The next step is to upgrade the source - ndx2, nac 252, supercap. This will take a good year or so of hard saving!
The dealer has lent me 2 cables to connect the nova and the nap - 3 pin male din to phono. The problem is that he needs them back in July. I have searched the internet to source the cables - no luck. Any ideas or is there another way of connecting the two to best effect.
Once again sorry if this is a common problem. I have searched the forum but am still non the wiser. Thanks for reading and, hopefully, replying.

You can either get the existing DIN4-XLR cables re-terminated with RCA Phonos at the Din end (although maybe best not to as you’ll need them back to standard when you upgrade), or you can get some custom leads made up. Your dealer may be able to do this for you. Have you asked what they can do?

Or if you get completely stuck, contact designacables they’ll make anything.

Thanks both. I feel the dealer is hoping that I’ll upgrade sooner then my plan. Think I’ll give designacable a try. Thanks both

Hmmmm… if your dealer knew you had a Nova and sold you a 300DR then I would expect them to supply the relevant cable at the point of purchase. Ok this may have a cost but the 300DR is pointless with this cable. You really should not have to resort to a forum post to get this sorted. There are a lot of dealers and I know the sort that push you towards upgrades. Avoid them. I use 2 dealers and both are exceptional and NOT pushy. Maybe time for a new relationship?? Your upcoming purchases are not inexpensive and the dealer will do well from the sale so I would expect slightly more than it seems like you are getting.

Just my opinion of course!!


I did the very same upgrade……my dealer made the cable……it took a few minutes.

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You have just spent arround £8k GBP so just ask the dealer how much they want for you to keep the extisiting cables.

They are in the business and can get a new set for themselves.


Agreed and that’s what I’ll do
Cheers all

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