Sort artists’ album by release date

Sorry if this has already been asked… I do a search and find just 1 topic in 2020 with no answer.
I’d like to have all artists’ albums sorted by release date.
I found this more “natural” than name…

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Are you using Asset, if you are my raw browse tree looks like this:-

Type\Album Artist{no_track_list}
Type\Album Artist\Album by Release
Type\Artist\Album by Release
Type\Compilation\Album by Release
Type\Composer\Album by Release
Type\Genre\Album Artist{no_track_list}
Type\Genre\Album Artist\Album by Release
Type\New Albums
Type\Top Albums
Type\Top Artists
Type\Top Artists\Album

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Sorry… I don’t know Asset…
I’m using a Core, and all my music, previously on an Auralic Aries Mini, have been retagged using TagScanner on PC.

The Core only handles a small handful of tags, and unfortunately release date isn’t one of them so you can’t search albums in that order. A different server may be able to handle it, such as Asset as Nogbad says, or maybe Roon.

When oh when is the Core going to finally gain some additional Metadata capabilities…??
Really alludes me as to why Naim haven’t improved some of this over the years…It’s never really changed since launch….
A bit of attention re Metadata handling and a software tweak would go such a long way on the Core……

I know Classical Tag handling is the often mentioned weakness (not just the Core) but Album Date listing really is basic 101….

The one that really gets me is no Track Artist Tag support – so e.g a Daft Punk album featuring lots of contributing artists either displays globally as Daft Punk for each and every track or alternatively gets labelled as Various Artists for the whole album…Neither is ideal and would be such a simple thing to rectify by handling and displaying the correct Tag info……


And nobody have ever requested this feature to Naim ?

@duf666 I use a Melco with Minim server and it allows a lot of flexibility although via a clunky interface but once defined and tags set up it works well. I find the tagging process quite cathartic actually.

Like you chronological album order is paramount to me. If I like a band I will own most of, if not all of their work.

Naim and other HiFi companies have to cater for both the HiFi enthusiasts who will have a much smaller music catalogue, most likely individual songs that sound great and music enthusiasts who have thousands of albums and who’s primary focus is music. Servers like Minim are designed for music enthusiasts as its purely software based. Naims server is a piece of HiFi hardware. I bet not many owners have contacted Naim re its limitations and have just accepted the product ‘as is’ not knowing the level of presented detail there is from other solutions.

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Naim are not interested - the functionality of the Core is based on the Naimnet servers they developed about 20 years ago and if anything has even more limited metadata handling than its predecessor. If you want more versatility, use a different server.


I’m a complete newbie concerning server…
I had a look at Asset, but it has to be installed on my laptop.
I don’t want such a solution, just an app that shows me albums’ date !

That is your limitation.

I also use AssetUPNP server like @NogBadTheBad and it is simple. A minor change to the browse tree and there you have what you want. Asset has many other metadata features as well.

The only option you have is to export all the files to a PC tag every album year-album and then import back to the core.

Its a function of the server and as you’re using a Core AFAIK the above is the only solution.

Using mp3tag would speed the above up:-

Unfortunately that doesn’t help! You can manually add as many tags as you want to a music file as long as its in a folder that allows this. The metadata fields that the Core will expose are Album Name, Artist Name, Track Name, Genre and Artwork. That’s your lot.


The Naim App, if you’re using it, is also a connected limiting ‘issue’ re certain aspects and what is displayed……

I played around with all this a few years ago, with the US SSD Vs Minimserver, trying to get to the bottom of the Tagging issues…. memory is a bit vague now where I got to, but I remember if I tagged the files as desired (ie correct) and served through the US, the App simply honoured the simplified Tag priority that the US offered, much like it’s replacement Core I guess, ignoring extended Tags such as Track Artist etc……If I then put the same files into a temp Minimserver setup and pointed the App at that, things improved for sure re what was displayed….but from memory there was still issues re Album Artist and Track Artist and what the Naim App chose to display and list etc….Can’t remember the specifics now and it was on the old forum……I remember raising it with Simoncn on the Minimserver forum and he concluded it was a Naim App issue – the Tags were correct and Minimserver was ‘offering’ them correctly……it was then down to the Naim App………………

FYI I emailed Naim’s support about this and here’s the answer:

Thank you for your email, and your suggestion.

I will forward the details to our app development team, and if it’s something they think will benefit a majority of our users, they’ll most likely include it in a future update.

Kind regards,

Duncan Roberts
Technical Support

So, if anyone else interested, it would be good to “push” the support :wink:

That is very poor.
I have heavily modified my AssetUPnP browse tree which provides a much richer user experience.

Naim do not seem to have fully embraced the streaming revolution.

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I wouldn’t get too excited. People have been moaning at Naim about this ever since the Core appeared. They never do anything about it, so really it’s a case of suck it up or get a decent upnp solution.


I recall that such complaints were made of the Unitiserve years before the Core arrived. People’s hopes were dashed when it turned out that the Core had even more limited metadata handling that its predecessor.

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There’s maybe a new management and development team since… more open to customer’s request…

To digress - Using AssetUPnP (which is very flexible) it is possible to handle classical tags well.
I can access classical albums in my library in every possible manner that classical enthusiasts will desire.
It needs some customising of the Asset browse tree and tag editing to maximise the benefit. This is simple using software like dBpoweramp but obviously tedious, but worthwhile.

I posted a topic in 2021 describing what I did.
I can access the library by composer, work, movement, conductor, orchestra etc.
The article is at
Changing metadata to improve Classical Music presentation - Streaming Audio - Naim Audio - Community