Sound in right channel noticeably quieter than left - what’s wrong?

What’s the most likely cause of this? Faulty 250DR? I haven’t tried swapping the speakers round yet but will do that shortly. I’ve tried messing about with the balance but unfortunately it doesn’t fix the problem. Many thanks

A cable or connection issue.

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I have this except the other way around. Always listen with the balance around 14:00. Changed everything in my system, including the location, except my DIN-XLR cables. So it’s either them or it’s my hearing. I’ve put it down to the latter.

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Try the mono on the 282 and of course swapping the speaker connection at the power amp. Could be that the balance on the 282 needs to be reset

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Checked all connections and they look ok. I’ll change the hi line to the lavender to see if that’s the problem. I swapped the speakers round but made no difference

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I’m sure you know this, but…

You need to change round the wires, rather than the 'speakers, so that you can establish whether the problem is in the amp or the 'speakers.

It must be infuriating. I hope that you crack it.


Thanks Graham, I’ve swapped the wires on the power amp and the left channel is now quieter so must be either the power or pre amp

That’s progress, at least.

Do you have a spare pre and power amp, so that you can identify where the problem lies?

Sorry, these are pretty obvious suggestions. But, in a similar situation, I can imagine myself suffering brain fade!

I only recently bought the 282 but the balance dial was slightly scratched so I’m getting a replacement shortly. If the problem is still there with the replacement then I suppose it must be an issue with the 250 .

Possibly normal, at what volume is this?

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I wonder how many of life’s problems could be avoided if the world could do away with ‘misaligned knobs’.



This was corrected with my 252 where there were balance issues when I sent my complete system in for service

From the musicline worksheet.

Balanceknopf wieder auf Poti-Mitte gesetzt.

I think I’ve managed to sort it using the balance control although it’s nearly at 3 o’clock! Thanks very much for the advice everyone, much appreciated as always


That can’t be right, something is amiss. I would explain all to your dealer, maybe invite them over to have a look?

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Spoke to Naim and they also said that wasn’t right; I think the dial has been knocked which has off set the balance. My dealer’s sending me a replacement so all good :+1:


That’s great news. Fair play to your dealer for their solid support.


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