Sound Org stickers on Naim gear

In the last few weeks I have seen two listings for chrome bumper hicaps with stickers on the front that say The Sound Organization.

It’s hard to tell if this is the same unit being listed several times because only one listing showed the serial number. The listings appear to be made by different sellers in different locations.

Curiously, the stickers appear in the same position on the units, which makes me wonder - was Sound Org known to put stickers on gear back in the day?

It’s unusual to see it on the front like that, more commonly found on the rear panel - a small metal metallic blue label, so they certainly did go through a phase of doing it.


It looks like the label that used to go on the Sound Organisation tables.

Be very careful. Caveat emptor.

Thanks guys.

There ought to be laws against tampering with vintage Naim gear like that!

Just to add to this, if I may, there seems to be a rash of ebay accounts being hijacked and adverts going up with attractive items (cars, motorcycles, HiFi) at prices that are quite keen. The last picture has contact details embedded- generally a gmail address- together with a fixed price.

It’s a scam, they’ve stolen pictures from other adverts and will (no doubt) try to get pre-payment off-eBay so you’re not covered by any of the buyer protections.

Shame really 'cos I saw some really nice CB135s…

Post, posting, note the listing in question isn’t one of these. But there have been more than a few pieces of Naim equipment advertised over the last few months in this way.

Back in the day I bought my Naim from the wonderful Sound Advice in Loughborough. They would always put a little ‘something nice from Sound Advice’ sticker discreetly on the back, which was a lovely tough. But why on earth anyone would put a bloody great Sound Org sticker on the front is another thing entirely.


Even if these hicap listings don’t seem to match that particular scam there does seem to be something fishy going on.

I am reminded of a time when I found a CD555 on a different site for an incredible price. Not surprisingly, they wanted me to write them the money directly.

That said, I once found a pair of decent DBLs for $1,500. Ultimately the story checked out but I walked away for reasons of practicality.

I sold some SL2s on EBay many years ago. And over the next few months they popped up at least three more times.

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Hopefully the pair you have now are better!

Great dealer always enjoyed talking with DPW.

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