Sound quality nac92/nap90

Naim nacd3 cd-player
Nac 92
Naim flatcap
Naim nap 90

I like the looks of the older Naim, but how does this compare to my Nait5si/cd5si?
Is it better, worse op just different?

Depends on if or when serviced,

I had that combo - I suspect it might be “full bodied” than the later models.

Having said that I attached my thirty year old CD3 to my Nova a few months ago and I was very pleased

It’s a fantastic system if recently serviced by Naim. It’s probably very ropey if not.

The CD3.5 is unlikely to be repairable if the mech goes at this late stage. Take that into consideration that it’s time is borrowed. But a New CD5i when the CD3.5 dies will be a great match. If you have the right speakers for the amp, that system is really very enjoyable.

To add to FZ’s comments: Naim’s NAC A5 is pretty much essential with that system, if not, it just won’t sound ever right. I found that out for myself in the mid-90s, it also put to bed me flirting with any other cables ever since owning future Naim equipment…

Or Naim A4 (used) - or (cheaper, new) Linn K20.

Or some Witch Hat N2 or Phantons.

The system isn’t serviced lately. I thougt about buying it as a second set for my office. Maybe it’s a better idea to upgrade my Nait5si/cd5si and use these in the office.

For the office a Nait of some form is ideal. ( Assuming your office isn’t the White House).

Just in defence of the fc/90/92. I have a set and am reluctant to let it go. For the money it is a useful bit of kit when other stuff goes away for servicing. Stood in for variously everything up to Olive 82, cb 250, Hicap level and didn’t disappoint.


A 92/90 is a Nait 3 split into two boxes.
A CD3 might be difficult or impossible to support and repair
This should tell you the value.

Upgrade your current kit sound like a much better idea indeed if your looking for second hand kit.

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