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I have my TV set to optical out into my Qute. I have a cable box and Blu-ray player connected to tv via hdmi. The sound comes through via optical out no issues. I have Netflix app on the tv. I cannot get dialogue from Qute with this. All I get is noise. I ca get the voices from tv speakers but not through Qute. Any suggestions for a fix?

Do you get sound via Qute for the TV channels? If so, check sound settings from within the Netflix App, or your account settings.

Just got it working. I had to change sound setting of tv to PCM with Netflix app opened on tv. Have to do that for each app. Odd but it is now sorted. If only I could get back that couple of hours of my life. Lol


Please tell me , how to connect two speakers muso qb to a TV , through Toslink optics ? Be sure to have two speakers .Simple splitter did not help in this (
Is it possible ?
Thanks in advance for your advice

If you want to connect your Mu-So Qb to your TV then you can use the optical s/pdif connection. Just be sure to set your TV to output 2 channel PCM and not Multichannel Bitstream. Otherwise you could also use the analogue 3.5mm jack input on the Mu-So.

I’m not sure what you mean by “two speakers”. Do you mean you want to connect two Mu-So Qbs? Or you want to connect two speakers to a Mu-So Qb? If the latter then the Mu-So has the speakers integrated and cannot power external speakers.

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Yes , I want connect two Mu-So Qbs to my TV , like a " soundbar "

You only need one. And if you have two you’ll be constantly having to juggle back and forth to control volume.

Alternatively I guess you could us an analogue signal splitter, but the same issue with volume control - although one remote control might be able to keep both volumes controlled and in synch. Seems messy though.

Another possibility might be able use Airplay 2 if your TV supports it and then use both in multiform mode, but it’s just a theory - I have no idea how or whether it works out in practice.

Thanks for the help, I’ll try as soon as possible

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