Soundbar placement

Our TV finally needs replacing and I’ve been looking into a soundbar to go with the new one when we finally get it. Should I worry about where it goes relative to the D20Rs ? There’s not a lot of space for it and many of the ones I’ve been looking at (for example the Samsung HW-Q800C) are just too wide to fit neatly, they’d have to overlap behind one of the Proacs and the wall a bit which can’t be good me thinks ? We listen to far more music than we watch movies

When we moved to smaller quarters, I did away with the separates and opted for a Muso 2. I used a slab of marble on top of two target speaker stands as a support for the Muso, and put the TV in front of it all, using the Muso as a soundbar when we watch. Sounds pretty good and is very space-effective.


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In the end I have gone for a small samsung soundbar (HW-S60B) that I know wll easily fit and importantly not be wondered about. If I really enjoy it I can see about rearrnaging later to accomodate a larger one, or a muso

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