Soundbars as well as speakers

A question that’s been bugging me on soundbars… I notice in a few system pics that there’s a soundbar as well as the main speakers. If you have this setup is it for sonic reasons or just for convenience?

Both. Good stereo is miles better than any mediocre surround. But that said, unless you live alone and can sit smack in the middle of the TV, then stereo will akways have voiceds coming from you nearest speaker which is massively distracting.

So in this respect a sound bar gives more consistent performance.

Then there’s convenience. One remote and no input switching and zero impact from fiddling with the main system. And therefore no cries from other household members asking “what the bloody hell did you do with the sound on the telly? I can’t get it work.

Ultimately the argument for a sounbar is identical to the argument for a dedicated AV system completely isolated from the hi-fi. When I had more space I had 2 racks of Naim and one of Denon AV and not a single speaker in common. After blended systems, I’m convinced keeping them separate is best.


I keep the two separate. Sonos soundbar and subs totally convenient for TV and movies and no fiddling trying to get a centre speaker that matches the voicing of the A7s in my stereo system.

I understand why folks would want to pull everything together into one system but I guess the motivation for that depends on how much you’re into TV and movies.

We’ve just purchased a Dali Kubik One.

It sits under the TV and between my stereo speakers.

I took a long time to take the plunge as the stereo is good, but dialogue was often poor

Pleased with our purchase the Dali has clearer voices/dialogue. Maybe it’s being one unit that helps. It’s pretty good with music, but the stereo is better.

I always used to run the TV sound through the stereo speakers as a hangover from my 5.1 adventures and especially as the sound from LCD units was particularly poor. The upgrade to OLED about 3 years ago changed all that - Sony’s acoustic surface technology with integral “subwoofer” locks dialogue to the screen and (hate to admit) sounds better for movies than the Naim/ATC system!

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