We’ve got a new Tv with Dolby Atmos and looking to get a Soundbar for it .
As you can see using the Naim is out of the question. Currently considering either a Bose Smart 600 or a Sonos Beam , without a sub woofer to start with.
Has anybody any experience of either, No one seems to stock them so I could try at home first

We have a Beam without sub. Had it for a few years now and it performs perfectly well as a TV Soundbar and an incidental music player for background tunes.

My only problem with Sonos and I am replacing all of mine for this reason, is that they keep dropping off my mesh. I frequently pair them up whilst doing chores around the house and they’ll work fine for days, but then one day I’ll start them off and they’ll just stop talking to each other.

I have no explanation for it and it frustrates the hell out of me, hence they are all being replaced by either MuSo 2’s or QB’s.

I’ve got the Deco mesh and can lock a device to either 2.5 or 5 ghz also to a particular Deco. Maybe that’s causing you problems they’re trying to switch hubs.

What would be your use of it? Cinema, gaming or music? I have the Samsung 990B kit, with sub and rear speakers, its dolby atmos, bluetooth and wifi with 24-192 capabilities. Its awesome for TV, cinema and gaming. As for musicality soundbars are ok. For your day to day use with Spotify its sounds good! I would not go with just the soundbar. The sub s really a big part of it.


I also run a Deco Mesh and have checked the devices list. It’s not the devices dropping off the network so much as it’s the devices not talking to each other.
My son also has similar issues with his Sonos and he just runs a standard BT router and Disc.

You really can’t beat the Samsung Q series soundbars and one would certainly be at the top of my list.

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Mainly Tv possibly streaming music , but I do that through my Star at present.
I don’t game at all.

I have had no issues with my samsung, sound and immersion are incredible. I went to all sellers and compared the Bose, Sonos and Samsung. Samsung wins all the way. Read reviews and go listen to them at your local sellers. Sonos may sound a bit better musically, but its not why i bought my soundbar. I do not pass my music system through it, but its Spotify ready, or Tidal etc… the distributor you have. My Apple TV 4k goes through my sound bar with a hdmi cable to be able to have atmos capabilities, or straight from you tv. If you have a samsung tv it will merge all in one.

Is it close to the router or cable box? If so have something between them, it may cause interferences.

If you’re going to be streaming music then be aware that the Bose 600 isn’t capable of gapless playback. And if anybody knows otherwise I’m all ears.

That’s the problem no one stocks them all. Curry’s are just box shifters and generally the staff no nowt.
Richer Sounds only stock the Sonos.
Unfortunately our John Lewis disappeared a couple of years ago

Multiple Sonos soundbar owner here - wouldn’t change it for anything else.

Currys generally have the top of the range Samsungs on demo. It’s where I heard the Q950A and was instantly sold, even though it was playing musc.

Our branch have very few on display and virtually none for demo. Very disappointed

I have my Muso 2 sitting atop our TV, and use it for streaming and as a soundbar for the TV. Works a charm.

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