Source for Uniti 2 replacement parts

I have purchased a Uniti 2 in excellent condition with a new display. Unfortunately, the puck for the CD drive is missing and the remote control is quite worn. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement in Germany or Europe? I found an online store in the UK, but unfortunately they only deliver within the UK. :frowning:

Thanks for any advice!

Why not just ask a Naim dealer in Germany? It seems the obvious thing to do.

I have already written to two of them, and also to the sales department directly. Unfortunately no reply so far. The Naim distributor here in Germany in particular does not do the brand justice.

I have always found Tom Tom audio to be a useful source for Naim compnents, and would imagine they’d be willing to ship to the rest of Europe:


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No answer from Naim/dealer, No commercial link, No chance to advise in PM.
The circle has closed. Great support for consumer :worried:

Why not call the dealer rather than emailing. That way they can’t ignore you. Both parts are readily available.

In the meantime, I even received a reply from the German distributor, including a price quotation.
Well, after I wanted to place the order, nothing came back. I’ve already written that Naim’s German distributor is a disaster and doesn’t do justice to the Naim brand! You’re lucky if you’re not a Naim customer in Germany!

Considering your not talking about undercutting local dealers by sourcing new black boxes from overseas, I’d just ping a reputable easy to deal with UK naim dealer, even a big chain like Audio-T and ask them for a new puck and remote.

I’ve had the odd part sent my way from the UK in a Jiffy bag more than once.