Spam email from Royal Mail

There appears to be a spam email being sent out from “Royal Mail”. We tried to deliver a letter from HMRC, you were out, click to rearrange etc.

My wife and I have both had one. Beware!!

Indeed, how would “Royal Mail” know your email address from an HMRC envelope ………? April, end of tax year in the UK, is the favourite month for these pernicious scams.



Good idea to forward email to

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Better idea is to send the offending email to the above address as an attachment rather than normal forwarding.
It preserves the header data that way, should investigators need to analyse it.


We have received a number of spam emails supposedly from official organisations over the past year or so. They are getting increasingly sophisticated and convincing.

We’ve had several along the lines of ‘we tried to make a delivery but you were out. Click on the link to re-arrange’.

Usually it’s a give-away as the email doesn’t name you - it’s just your email address. A genuine communication would be addressed to you by name. But in any case if there is any doubt then never respond to the email. Contact the organaisation concerned to enquire.

Royal Mail delivery staff don’t have time to deliver live mail, never mind spend time emailing customers, definitely a Scam.

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Courtesy of @crispyduck on the best jokes thread. :rofl:


I reserve a specific email address for delivered items purchased on line, so any other email address with a delivery notification will be junk.

Sadly, actual Royal Mail emails may as well be spam. I especially love their invitations to track packages I am expecting where the link is dead. Almost as good as the trainline emails. Their disruption to your journey emails, which arrive either after the disruption has ended or take you to further details which are just a timetable, are a work of art.

So true. I have run to the front door, almost as fast as Linford Christie, immediately after the doorbell has rung (or flashed in my case) and they’ve gone :roll_eyes:

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We tried to deliver a letter from HMRC, you were out, click to rearrange etc.

Seriously, spam email is worth a thread? Spam is a fact of life. Flag it, delete it, move on. It’s not worth bandwidth beyond that. Substitute “USPS” for “HMRC.” That’s what we all get in the U.S. It’s not worth more brain cells than deleting the email.

Have you read The Lounge?

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