Spam/phishing email purporting to be from Amazon

Just checking emails and I have one from ‘Amazon Store’, with a Subject heading similar to:

‘A Thank You Gift For You’, and then some blurb in the body thanking me for my recent AmazonBasics product purchase and offering a discount on other products in various categories - it looks superficially quite genuine.

Every hyperlink (have not clicked through) in the email however seems to link to a tracking URL for this or similar domains:

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 18.29.51

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 18.35.15

Have checked with Amazon and they have not sent me this.

Oddly just had this from Qobuz, but I think it’s genuine.

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 18.34.29

If you go into your Amazon account and find “messages”, this should determine whether or not Amazon genuinely sent it. If it was from Amazon, I would expect them to address you by name. The spam/dodgy emails never seem to know who you are…

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Amazon seems to be the company that all the scammers pick on. I guess a very high percentage of targets have Amazon accounts and therefore the chances of a suscessful scam being pulled off are higher.
I my case I seem to get endless scam phonecalls about my Amazon account. Scammers are a pain in the you know what!!

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