SPDIF or ethernet for Core

Hi, may i ask for some feedback and experiences anyone had to have their Core played via ethernet vs spdif to ur streamer.

Whats the SQ like?

I am currently feeding my core to my nd555 via ethernet over a switch.

I’ve tried both on my UnitiServe and tbh can’t hear the difference. There does seem to be some who prefer one over the other however, might be best to audition both and see which you prefer.

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Yeah like Pete says, some prefer one and some prefer the other. Many just use the one they started with for whatever reason and leave it like that.

The main reason for using upnp is that you can put the Core anywhere on your network and simultaneously serve multiple streamers with different music.

If you have a HDD in your Core then the last place you want it is in the listening room as the drive spins 24/7. If you have SSD in your Core then that is silent of course.

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Likely i may stick to ethernet. If i use ethernet to my nd555, can i say adding a powerline to my Core may not make a difference?

Personally I wouldn’t do that. But no doubt there are some people here who would say it made all the difference for them.

If you feel like spending so much money on a mains lead then talk to your dealer, who will probably be able to lend you one to home demo.

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There is no system automation option when you use core as a player via spdif.
Anyway i am curious too. Maybe i will try it someday.

The choice of digital cable has a greater influence with SPdif. I’ve not tried with the 555 but I ran a Rega DACr from the Core at first while I waited for the second generation streamers (the NDS never impressed but an update was obvious once the new Unitis were announced). The two lower end Chord cables I tried at £100 and £200 made it sound rather uninteresting, a Belden 4974R 12G SDI cable made it much more lively and was £35 by the time it was shipped from the states. I didn’t try a Naim DC1 as it was only ever a temporary solution and £400 was near the price of the DAC.
When the ND555 arrived I went straight to ethernet and the Core left the living room soon after as I’d finished the bulk of the ripping by then.
I did use a Powerline on it originally as I had a spare and found it beneficial but less so once it was off the Fraim and in the spare room.

You need an Ethernet cable for the Core whether you use an SPDIF connection or not, and you are adding an extra box and 3 more cables to your rack. No harm in trying, but I would be surprised if it improved anything to make the extra clutter worthwhile.

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Thx all for ur feedback.

I guess i shall wait for more reviews on the QNet by nordost while i await the arrival of nordost V2 n H2 ethernet cable i had ordered.

On my system, I have the two connections together :

  • Uniti Core by Ethernet to my Internet Box
  • Uniti Core direct by Naim BNC (not SPDIF) to my NDX2

I find that the direct connection by BNC is better for SQ but it’s perhaps subjective.

But … You need in every case the network connection to keep datas when you rip a CD and you need it too if you want to see the Core on the local network when you use another device (like a Sonoro I have in another room).

The way to hear music on the Core (with the Naim App) threw the NDX 2 is also different : Core by BNC / Server then Core by Ethernet. For Core by BNC, you have to start the Core and choose your file, then select to hear on NDX2. For Core by Ethernet, you can select your file on the Core direct threw the NDX2.

Last thing : on my system, I can’t see artcovers on my NDX2 from the Core by BNC. I don’t know if it’s normal.

By BNC you’re using the DAC section of the ND covers will only be visible on the APP not the ND’s screen.

OK, thanks for the explanation @Yeti ! :grinning:

In that case, why have you bought the Ndx2, if I may ask?
Because you could have bought an Ndac and connect it in spdif to the Core, and have a very similar sound quality level, but for only 1k.

When I bought my Nds and Unitserve first, I compared the spdif and Ethernet. It was not very different from a level sound quality. But the Nds was connected by a cheap cable to the router.
Things changed dramatically with an audiophile switch ( Cisco 2960 at that time) and good quality ethernet cables.
This time the spdif was outclassed.

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I bought the Ndx2 first, then only one year later the Core. The Ndx2 first of all for streaming with Qobuz, Internet radio and connect my old (but good) CD player (an old Primare 30.2). The Core then to rip my own CD + media library CD I borrow. I can also listen to my CD direct threw multiroom option between the Ndx2 and a Muso I have upstairs.

Very happy with my Ndx2 and I rewarded it with an XPS DR :wink:

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As suggested by others, I (can) use my Core both ways but prefer S/PDIF via DC1 to ND555 than UPnP to eR via 2 x BJC 6a to ND555. A bit more natural and transparent and just a little bit less edgy. I have PLs on all ND555, Core and eR SMPS.

People living in Luxembourg have a particularly: they have strange ears.
Happy new year Chag!

I wasn’t keen on Belden 6a either, much preferred their 5e but the Designer Cable version.

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