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Hi all
I have a UnitiLite which I’m using with a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 5s. These sounded fine in the demo room with the volume up but at lower, family-friendly levels, I’m not that impressed. There’s little punch to them and also not enough detail. I wondered if anyone could recommend a more suitable pair of speakers on a modest budget of around £500, thanks.

Hi @Murph, Welcome
I’m assuming you are going for floor standers again ? and buying new ?, obviously second hand or ex demo will get you more speaker for your money. Might be worth doing a forum search for speakers for Unitilite/Atom etc and see what people are using.
For a budget of £500 new I can only think of a few, Q Acoustics 3050i get good reviews although personally haven’t heard them, they are slightly over budget but I’m sure you could pick up an ex demo pair for your budget. The others I would suggest a listen would be Fyneaudio F302/F303, these I have heard at my dealer and for the money they are excellent.
Speakers are very personal and it’s essential to have a listen, if you can at home. One last point don’t know if you’ve had the speakers a long time, maybe possible to return or trade as it occurs to me retailers quite often carry these three brands. Happy hunting.

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When I first bought my Atom I also got a pair of Audio Physic Yara (not the Yara II but the ones before that) floorstanders. They go very well with the 2x40W Atom, I’m sure the 50W from the UnitiLite would do great too. I actually did A/B testing with a pair of Monitor Audio Gold and they sounded like crap compared to the Yara’s. Bad fit with the Atom. In fact I tried the Yara’s against a couple of different, newer floorstanders and the Yara’s beat them all.
So you may want to have a look for a set of used Audio Physic Yara’s.

Thanks for that @glasnaim, much appreciated.

Thanks @Audionoob much appreciated.

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