Speaker advice please

I’ve just bought what looks like a really good condition, recently serviced NAP120.

I’ve got an old NAC12 (somewhere) that I thought would go well with this and something like a Sonos Connect to replace the Sonos system in my kitchen.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some relatively modest speakers suitable for wall mounting for this system?

I realise it’s a bit of stupidity but I like the look of the old stuff and can’t think of a better place to use it… !

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Neat Iota. I use them with my UQ2 in the study and they are excellent. You can pick up wall brackets for £15. Though they are rear ported there is no boom. Super speakers.

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Thanks. This was a long term question for me. I also have rear ported B&W loudspeakers and it is quite horrible. Only works a metre from the wall.

The Iotas are designed to be able to be used that way and have mounting holes on the back. I spoke to Neat and they said it was the best way to use them - in fact they have a UQ2 and Iotas at the factory.

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How about some Kans? Should go nicely with a NAP120. Or for small change a pair of Rega Kytes? Especially if the Kytes come with their special three point wall brackets.

Otherwise, I run n-Sats on the end of a NAIT 2 in my bedroom, but they also work brilliantly with a NAC42.5+NAP110. Again, the special wall brackets are a bonus here.

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All great suggestions.

One that we use: PMC DB1i mounted on PMC wall brackets which have a tilt feature so that you can point them up or down a fair bit, as well as toe them in or (unlikely) out as required. Ours run on the end of a DAV-V1 and NAP140.

Best regards, BF

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Both PMC and ATC do speakers specifically designed for wall mounting (flat to wall). PMC have two models (not thinking about tge DB1), not sure about ATC. The PMCs have been around for longer, and I have occasionally seen them advertised secondhand.

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I reckon what you really need is a pair of N-Sats on dedicated wall brackets. It’s a pity there’s no such thing as a Chrome Bumper Naim streamer to complete the set.

Thank you all.

The Neat Iota’s might be the ones. My partner doesn’t yet know that I’ve plans to make changes to the music in the kitchen (which she tolerates…) I think selling removing the Sonos subwoofer from the floor will let me get away with putting some equipment on top of a dresser… (or more likely on a wall mounted shelf)

The Iotas are very close to the dimensions of the Play3 and I think can use the same wall mounts.

Having said all that… If I could get away with putting a set of SBLs in the kitchen then I’d have an excuse to get a set of SL2s for my room… I think that’s probably something that’s a long-term project though…

Hi Stephen
I agree withh HH in that I also run Iota’s in the Kitchen/dining area from my UQ2 and
am so impressed with the great “big” sound from such a small enclosure. Would not hestitate to recommend.

We have SL2s downstairs and Iotas upstairs and I never feel that the Iotas are lacking. The sound is smaller of course but they are hugely communicative, which is what I’m looking for. They are miles better on the brackets than sitting on the desk. I got them off eBay for £399 and can’t tell them from new.

For great value some Royd Edens though they’re very heavy for a small speaker.
Or for something more modern Q Acoustics Concept 20 are excellent value on the used market.

Or if second hand doesn’t appeal there are the Q A Acoustics 3020i which can be ordered with dedicated brackets direct from manufacturer

Well, the Neat Iota’s turned up and aren’t they tiny! Looks like they’re new but sold as second hand (at about half the new price). Vendor had multiple pairs, I wonder if they’re ex-demo or if the vendor wanted to turn some cash over fast? Anyway…

Just got to wait for the NAP120 to turn up and then I’ll connect it all up.

They ARE tiny aren’t they?

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