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Hi Guys,

I’ve recently purchased a pair of second hand Rega RS5’s for my SuperUniti and enjoying the lovely music they produce but there’s a slight problem in that when they are pushed they don’t seem to cope with moderate volumes. In other words they sound a bit hard and the Bass gets out of control.

I feel really torn because the Regas sound a lot more detailed (not surprisingly) than my old Mission 783’s but the Missions really coped with the ‘slam’ the SU produces.

I was wondering if there’s a speaker out there which combine the performance of Rega speakers in terms of detail and midrange performance and can do a party piece too? My budget is around a £1000.00 so I’m probably a bit restricted on a new pair so second hand will do me. I’ve been looking at the likes of Spendor, PMC and Focal.

Any advice greatly appreciated and thanks…


A pre-loved pair of Kudos x2 would fit the bill

Funny you should mention X2s, Dave - when I bought a Superuniti, my dealer set them up for me to listen with a pair of RS5s. When I asked if he could suggest anything a bit smaller, he immediately reappeared with a pair of X2s, which I much preferred, and still have today. On the used market, you should be able to get a pair for well under £1k.

Indeed Chris. Brilliant speakers. I ran them with my Uniti2 upto 272/250DR and they were superb. Very highly recommended.

Hi Paws, that’s actually quite an ask tbh, those mission’s where very very good 20 odd years ago and i feel to replace a speaker of that caliber would cost a lot, Mission speakers back then where really on top of there game with speakers of that caliber costing much more today. Mission where never about detail retrieval and more about bouncing along, “fun” i guess would be the word.

If you want that sort of slam/punch you need to be looking Revel IMO, there the most mission like in sound that i’ve come across but have a lot of the detail retrieval that you crave. But are very rare second hand as such the caliber of them.

If it where me, id keep the missions for the foreseeable future and just save your money

Maybe smaller speakers eg kef ls50’s and utilise the subwoofer output on the uniti with a velodyne spl 1000 or sum such?

If you really like to listen loudly ATC maybe

some food for thought hopefully

Not too sure how much they cost but I took a Uniti to brasil with Totem Rainmakers Really nice sound and satisfied me for 4 years. Very musical yet can really bounce when they were called on.

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Hi, Thanks to all for your advice. I’ve sold the Missions to help fund the Rega speakers but I’ll keep an eye out for the X2’s I’ve heard of them before though not listened to them.

Had a listen to some music whilst watching the cricket and the Rega’s were singing along nicely so I’ll have to chose my next move with care :wink:

Mr. Paws, have you contacted Rega ? It doesn’t sound right that this occurs at moderate volumes - usually you’d expect it to be at very high volume if it was going to happen. Could be a fault has developed, or even always been present. If they are faulty repair may be a much cheaper option than buying new speakers.

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