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Hi , l am just getting my old system out the loft and was looking for some advice. It’s a Naim nap 110 + Nac 12s . Linn Axis turntable.
Was looking at the B & W 606 and Keff LS 50 .

Hi Nick,

Welcome to the forum. Here is my starter for 10.

Speakers are difficult to give simple advice upon. Personal preference & the room are just two important factors.

I would suggest that you will need to consider whether the amps need a service. Do you know when they were last looked at?

What cartridge are you using on the Axis and how old is it?

Do you have some current speakers in the loft?

What size of room do you have?
Will you be buying new or 2nd hand?
Are you in the UK?


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Hi. Thanks for a quick response.
I’m in the uk. They haven’t been serviced for a long long time but a friend came around 6 moths ago with some speakers and they sounded really great apart from the volume button crackling when being moved at certain positions.
The linn is approx 20/25 years old running on the basil plus arm and cartridge.
Room size 14 x 13 ft not being set up for perfect listening as house and family a problem now.
I have been offered the B & W 606 new £399 and the kef LS 50 at £699.
I was running them through Audio Cambridge RB 50 fantastic speakers from the 80s I think but far too big and in storage at the moment needing a refurb. I have read the Keff are much harder to drive and more fussy with what’s in front of them.

I would strongly agree with Mr Underhill that your amps almost certainly need a service to sound at their best, and even to function properly at all. You already know that the volume pot needs attention, whch is not unusual with an old preamp. The worst case scenario is that the output stage of the power amp is faulty, and might dump DC current into your speakers and destroy the drivers. That’s quite apart from the fact that they will almost certainly not be sounding as good as they should. So unless they have been properly seviced in the last 10 years, I would get them sorted first.


Hi Nick,

My approach would be to factor in the amp service, for the reasons Chris has elucidated.

I would get the old speakers out, this will give you a base line against which to judge other speakers you will listen to.

Find a decent dealer, they will also sell 2nd hand AND lend you some speakers to try. It really is worth taking your time and finding speakers that work in your system & room. The dealer should be able to check the arm and cartridge are OK.

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The Ls50’s need room behind them or they can sound boomy, even with a 110. Otherwise work great, mine are now in my office for near field listening with a UQ, and non-ported speakers up against the wall in the living room (Audio Physic Classic Compacts).

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Thanks for your advice Chris much appreciated.

Thanks Mr Underhill . I’m sure that would be the way forward apart from my old speakers are over 4ft tall and 20inches deep , it would be unfair to expect a bookshelf speaker to sound as fantastic as they do or did. They need a new midrange replacement as well.
I used to take my kit to Redford hifi in Bristol and listen to anything there in the first instance then take a couple of choices home and listen to them. Sadly the situation has made things much harder.
I suppose I was getting drawn into the good deal on the 606 which won’t be on offer much longer and seem to get very good reviews.
All though I don’t find them that pleasing to look at but then my old AC weren’t either.

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I won’t have space behind them so probably rules them out.
Just had a look at AUDIO PHYSIC CLASSIC don’t know anything about them but a lovely looking speaker much more my taste.
What series are you using as seems to be a few different releases.

I’m using the Classic Compacts - first version (I guess they are onto version Two now). White glass clad model. They really do do an incredible disappearing act, which I like, and sound great at lower volumes (which with a smaller house and family I need). Heavy stands filled with sand bings out the best in them. They won’t give you stomach turning bass, but very well defined and musical bass. High end just perfect for this long time tinnitus sufferer. My local Naim dealer (Hawthorne) swear by the line, and I auditioned the floor stander next up in the Classic line and they are fantastic but wallet wise it wasn’t going to work for me.

Sorry not to respond earlier, ended up in the ER with an attack of pleurisy yesterday. Feeling better now.

Sorry to hear about the pleurisy hope your on the mend. I’ve looked on line hard to find any reviews on the brand. The series 2 is the bookcase version I think but more expensive than the series 3 . Think the no is referring to size.
Can’t find a local dealer to talk to. I have found a demo pair on ebay £750 down from £1050 series 3 . Can’t really go to the full retail especially as I’m going to need stands and cable and to be honest I’m not sure how much play time it will get but I know if it doesn’t sound good it won’t get any. Been listening to my Naim muse but missing the turntable for a while now.

Just to make sure we are on the same page, here’s a link to the exact one I have, plus a pic of Charlotte with the speaker on her head. :wink: I got my unused demos for $1200 plus $800 trade in for my Rega RX3’s so a pretty happy camper. Not sure about the Classic 3’s and how they are different.



Classic 3’s appear to be ported on the rear, so maybe not the best option close to a wall. The Compacts are fully sealed and use seams along the bottom, sides and front as a type of porting.

That’s the ones , What a little beaut and the speakers look great as well. They are a perfect size for my room and being ported the way they are would suit my needs better for placement .
I’ll let you know how I get on .
Hope you feel better soon and thanks for your help.!
My Lazy Roxie attached image|375x500

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What a cutie. I’ve always had big male dogs (black lab mixes) before this latest rescue. Girls are a different thing for sure.

Here’s a better view of the speaker, pulled from the "last gear you bought’ thread from last September. They had a little black logo badge on the front glued at the bottom I pulled off. Much better.

They look great in white. Not sure the room I’ll use them in will work with Stands but could add them later.
I’ve had male rescue dogs since I was 18 this one is the first female and not as chilled as the lads previously .From Romania she was a wild street dog or puppy .my daughter named her which now she doesn’t like. She’s scared to death of the cat.

Yeah, ours came up from Houston, probably left to her own during the hurricane. With us she’s like a cat and a complete sweetheart. To the outside world she’s a complete nutcase, but getting better with rigorous training. Already has a record - put some old lady’s chihuahua in the hospital. But she was brutally attacked by another dog in the shelter system herself, so what goes around comes around.

Hi Charles. I’ve managed to get a good deal on a set of 8 in walnut £1350 including £500 worth of diamond 1 cables . Won’t receive them for a week or so but have 30 days trial period as well. Audio Physic classic 8https://www.audiophysic.com/en/product/classic-8/