Speaker cable connection

I am setting up a system for my daughter which includes a NAP100 and unitqute.
I also bought some naca5 cable terminated with the naim connector on one end.

I have searched the forum so forgive me if I missed it - but for some reason I cannot connect the cable to the NAP or the unitiqute.
I have those plugs but the cable just does not fit.

Never had any issues with my other power amps.

What am I doing wrong ?or could it be the connections on the cable are just wrong?

Sorry, but I think we will need a bit more information from you, before we can help…

Are you saying that the Naim Loudspeaker Connectors will not fit your NAP100…?

Note how the Loudspeaker Sockets are marked… :thinking:

Yes the SA8 connectors won’t fit the NAP100. You need this type which would have been supplied with the NAP100 originally.


You could remove the plastic housings on your existing cables to allow them to fit.

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Does not go in any further

It’s not supposed to. It’s supposed to be soldered to the cable rather than the SA8 plug you presently have fitted.

Just remove the plastic housing from the existing cable (just remove the screw, and take the connector apart) and use the pins without the housing as below

Naim supply plugs with the amp that are suitable for the sockets it has. Most use the same standard sized ‘SA8’ plugs, but a few of the smaller boxes such as the Atom and Unitiqute are supplied with smaller plugs, as you have now discovered.
If the cables you have bought are well soldered I would follow James’s recommendation and use them with the black plastic box removed. However I would recommend covering the exposed heads of the plugs to prevent accidental shorting. Heatshrink tubing is ideal for this, or electrical insulation tape will do at a push.
Alternatively you could get the smaller plugs soldered on. They are a bit tricky to solder though, and it needs to be done just right.

Thanks all. Removing the plastic was painless and no exposed wires so all good now.

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