Speaker Cable for NAP200

For reasons, I can’t go into I need to find some suitable new speaker cable for my system.

The speaker cable will be going between a NAP200 and some Castle Severn II speakers.

I am not looking to spend a huge amount of money and probably up to that £15 metre and two 4 metre lengths will be OK.

I know the amp has particular resistance and capacitance requirements of speaker cables but I am finding it difficult to know which will work as often these specs are not supplied.

I know of course about NACA5 but new that is too expensive but I could try and find some on eBay used.

As an example, I have been recommended that Chord Clearway X would suit but have never listened to this cable and can’t find specs to show if they are a good match.

Anyway, can you good folk help with a recommendation for me?

Linn K20. ‘Almost’ the same as Naim A4 - and very cost effective… Worth a try, Shirley…?


Professionally terminated used NAC A5 is exactly the same as new NAC A5. Give banana plugs a clean with some contact cleaner and they will outlast you and yours.


Chord don’t publish spec’s, .
Linn K20 is the way to go & at around £5/m its well in budget

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Found the same issue, so I did contact them and they said that the Chord Epic X is Naim compliant cable, but comes in at £252 new.

@Robinho FYI: NACA5 specifications are as follows:

  • Capacitance: 16pF per metre
  • Resistance: 9 milliohms per metre
  • Inductance: 1uH per metre
  • Minimum length: 3.5 metres per channel

Why not look for a pair of used NACA5? These pop up regularly on various sites and there is the benefit that you don’t have to worry about burn-in :wink:

I would expect they would say that, & to be fair Chord speaker cable specs are nothing close to being a problem for Naim amps. I just don’t understand why they don’t publish them, its not rocket science.

I measured my Chord Odyssey when I first bought it, it has 0.6uH/m & 62pF/m. Very middle of the road, & with 5m per side it has 3uH & thats near enough, especially with a Supernait

Used Naca5 is an option for sure. I certainly have no issue buying used Hii equipment, several items in my system are used either as-is or refurbished. It is a good way to get some decent kit on a budget.

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Most of my system is now used or pre-loved… :neutral_face:

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A good shout I forgot about Linn cable. It is cheap enough to get me up and running again while listening for something better later.

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It would be easier if they did provide these specs.

The NACA5 spec provides a range of 3.5uH/56pF/31.5mOhms for the min 3.5m meters and up to 20uH/320pF/180mOhms for the Max 20m length. So what I was hoping to be able to do was find a cable that has a similar balance and is within that range.

As been said before, Linn K20 looks almost the same construction & size, & as such it’s specs will be similar.
And no surprise, they are 0.93uH/m & 16pF/m
(It’s the inductance (H) that’s important to Naim amps)

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There is currently a 5 metre pair of NACA5 in white on Pinkfish media. Always a good place to look and buy.

Naca or Odyssey, always available 2nd hand.

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