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Been asked before I’m sure but does length of speaker cable matter with Uniti series? I know older amps need 3.5m but do I really need that for a Qute? 1m ir so is more than enough for my needs. Really don’t want the excess cable if not required.

It’s not just the length that matters - it’s the capacitance and resitance of the cable that infuence how the power-amp section works.

NACA5 is relatively inexpensive - just buy 3.5 m per each side, coil them up and enjoy the music.

I have a pair. Just don’t need the length. It’s too much.

Well - it’s of course entirely up to you what you do. I stand by my advice.


Seems to be the way I’ll go. Just deal with the length.

Normal recommendation is not to loop the surplus, but fold back and forth.


Depends on whether the Uniti ( new or old) has a Zobel network. Nai does not give you any answer to that… If it does you can use shorter LS cable.

They all have a zobel (resister & capacitor) across the output stage. What they don’t have (might not have) is a series inductor.

I understand that the new Naim’s are far more forgiving of speaker cables, my Nait-2 hated it when I hooked up some RA Kimber weave, but my Supernait was OK with it.

A friend of mine has a UnitiLite. I was horrified to find he had 1m on one side & 2m on the other, & it was some no-name from Maplin… But it sounds pretty good although I keep telling him it will be so much better with longer & better cable.

I just advise the OP to try it but keep in mind it would be better with longer cable.

I"m told that is a Zobel network is fitted the length and electrical properties of the LS cable does not matter.

Not so I’m afraid. All solid state power amplifiers must have a Zobel network across the output stage to stabilise the output from the adverse effects of capacitive reactance . The conventional Zobel circuit consists of a series capacitor & resistor with values around 100nF and 10 Ohm.
Under some conditions the Zobel circuit alone may be ineffective. This is commonly solved by placing an inductor in series with the amplifier output downstream from the Zobel shunt circuit together with a small value parallel resistor to reduce coil Q.
Problem is an internal inductor plus the speaker cable inductance can be too much & cause HF roll off.
Naim do not have an internal inductor and instead use the speaker cable alone to provide inductance. Hence NACA5 is designed with wide conductor spacing to give the correct inductance load by using the recommended length.

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My little brother drives guru juniors by a qute having precisely 1.67 m long cables Nac a5. Works fine but he is not listening loud.

I went ahead and decided to have my amp end terminated with banana plugs and keep the 3.5m legnth.

Which I did with my vintage Naim set. Better be on the safe side.With shorter cables you never can be sure if you lost some sonic advantages.

With your NAIT 3 you are very wise to adhere strictly to Naim’s recommendations on speaker cabling.

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