Speaker cable looping


I’m about to connect up my front channel speakers using Chord Epic speaker cable going into my NAP250DR and Nap100. I’ve gone down the recommended 3.5m lengths and wanted some advice on how to lay the cable out in the best possible way, particularly give on one side the 250 is 2.5m form the speaker and on the other less than 1m.
Could someone post and example of how they lay/fold the cable in a loop (ie ie understand not to could the speaker cable but to go in parallel length with a loose loop at each end)

Many thanks

(Picture from Mike-B in Cable management, aka the rat's nest is driving me doolally - #17 by Mike-B)



Above is from Mike-B and shows best this commonly recommended method. Is very nice if you have space to stash this loop, behind or under a piece furniture or something.

You can also create one long loop. The following is my setup. The cable on the left goes the long distance to the left speaker. The two cables on the right are for the right speaker, going half the distance of the left-speaker cable and then folding back:

For context, this is the left-speaker end:

And the right-speaker end, where it ends up coming back from the long loop in the first picture.

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